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Pin617 Tweet23 Share Stumble +1 RedditShares 640OHMYGODHI!!!!!!! First off…I want to give you a HUGE welcome to the Uncork Your Dork family!  I’m so glad to make your seriously awesome acquaintance! In case you are wondering who I am…my name is Terra Dawn and I’m the founder of the Uncork Your Dork community! I’m a nerd with a bad case of dorkism, a devotee to the Doctor (of the Who variety…not the “Oh dear lord, do I HAVE to pay…

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10 Ways to Attract Readers With Modern Blog Post Formatting

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Pin10 Tweet5 Share Stumble1 +1 RedditShares 16What Do I Mean By Modern Blog Post Formatting? Formatting is the art of creating a visual message with your words. For example, regular formatting in a blog post means creating bullet points, sub topics, numbered lists, highlighted text links, paragraphs, etc. All of these things help a blog post become easier to read and the information easier to digest. So how can you use formatting to spur your humor posts? Reader’s Rules There…

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How I Overcame My Fear of Newsletters and Got 200 Sign Ups in August

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Pin201 Tweet15 Share Stumble51 +14 RedditShares 271**The ConvertKit Link in this post IS an affiliate link…but I only recommend companies I work with and love with all of the chambers of my heart!! If you have any questions about the platform, don’t hesitate to ask me!** Ok….first, let me just tell you that when I say I have a fear of newsletters…I’m referring to BOTH the onslaught of the emails that consistently bombard my inbox PLUS actually WRITING and publishing…

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The 5 Tools I Use to Set Up My Automated Social Media Calendar

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Pin141 Tweet16 Share Stumble22 +11 RedditShares 180It’s time to automate your social media calendar I remember when I first started blogging, my posts were purely informational…kinda boring…not ME at all. I began blogging (very short posts) every single day just to get the words outa my head and try to figure out who I was on paper…er…screen? (Don’t forget the mini-journal I gave you in the welcome email! It has a journal attached to it that will get you into…

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Join the Blogging Challenge That’s Right For You

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30 day blogging challenge

Pin614 Tweet17 Share11 Stumble1 +11 RedditShares 644Wait…You didn’t even know Uncork Your Dork offered a blogging challenge?? Jokes on you!!  I offer FOUR!!!!  (Over-achiever…I know.) I am SO excited I can barely see straight today!!  I’ve been planning this blogging challenge for almost a month now…and I’m finally ready to reveal my master plan for moving Uncork Your Dork into the future.  🙂 We are shifting like a Rubix Cube…YOU CAN’T SOLVE UUUUUS!! Ahem…anyhoo.  I told you I was excited!…

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Using the Airtable App to Create an Editorial Calendar

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Pin596 Tweet18 Share Stumble12 +1 RedditShares 626What is the Airtable App? First…I would like to stress to you HOW MUCH I HATE USING SPREADSHEETS!!!!  I know…I know.  A TON of you are currently screaming at me through your monitors.  Spreadsheets are so neat and tidy and easy to read!! WRONG!! I have a learning disability (dyscalculia…I won’t go into details now) that makes spreadsheets look a little more like a coloring book filled in by a five year old to…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Write Funny Blog Posts

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Pin237 Tweet31 Share18 Stumble2 +1 RedditShares 288READY TO WRITE FUNNY? GOOD! BECAUSE IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR LEARN ON!   Don’t forget that the “Talk Wordy to Me: 30 Days to Write Funny Challenge” starts on September 1st!  You’ll get access to the 30 days of challenges in the Facebook group as well as downloads, live streams and chances to post your blogs and products! Click the image to sign up today…add the 1st to your calendar…and add my emails…

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What the Hell Is a Bounce Rate? + 10 Things You Can Do to Improve Yours

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what the hell is a bounce rate

Pin582 Tweet41 Share10 Stumble11 +12 RedditShares 646Soooo…what the hell is a bounce rate and why do you need one?  *snicker*  When I first started writing an article about bounce rates…I thought “How the hell am I going to write 1700 words on this topic?”  Bounce rates seem too easy to understand.  To simple.  But then I started thinking.  Bounce rates specifically correlate with a reader’s psyche…and THAT could be a book unto itself!!  So, in this now 3,000 word post…I’m…

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How to Write Your Rally Cry + What To Do After Your Mental Breakdown

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Get out of a business slump and write your rally cry

Pin359 Tweet25 Share10 Stumble2 +1 RedditShares 396How to Write Your Rally Cry in Business and Get Your Shit BACK Together Somewhere around the 50th sob last night…I decided to get my shit together. That’s usually about when it happens… I’ll be honest, I had high hopes for July.  I thought family, hamburgers, businesses…this is going to be an amazing month!  This is when everything will start really going uphill for me. A few days later, I found out: A close…

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The Fine Line Between Shock and Unsubscribe – From Your Reader’s POV

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Pin832 Tweet23 Share7 Stumble1 +12 RedditShares 865Why Writing for the sake of shock value could boost your unsubscribe rates. I want to preempt this post with the idea that I am writing in from the perspective of a reader.  This post is NOT to tell you how to write your newsletters or blog posts…but simply to inform you of how they might be perceived. I’m a little bit irritated right now…and I can’t totally put my finger on it.  I’m…

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