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Do you think your blog could be bringing in WAAAAAAY more traffic than it is?  I think so too!!  For a limited time, I'm opening up the "Blogger's Guide to Traffic" membership site! Join us for a 15 day trial and get access to courses, live trainings and downloads all created to help YOU get more traffic! 


Want to be in The Blogger’s Guide To…?

If it’s one thing I know…it’s how to spend a LOT of money trying to figure out how to increase my blog’s traffic.   Whether it’s through courses, webinars, ebooks or workbooks…I’ve spent money on ALL of it.  It HASN’T all been bad advice either!! Most of that paid advice has helped me get to […]

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Is Anchor.fm replacing the Podcast?

What is anchor?  Alrighty guys…here’s the skinny!!  Anchor.fm is the new app on the block, allowing you to upload 5 minute “podcasts” to your own mini-radio station. (LITERALLY couldn’t find the 5 minute rule anywhere on the site.  I figured it out by getting cut off mid sentence twice.) Think about it kiiiiiiinda like Snapchat […]

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Top Forty (Unconventional) Tips for Traffic Building

tips for increasing blog traffic

Before we begin…THIS is a long ass post, my friends.  It took me four days to write and format.  Now, I’m aware you are a busy, busy blogger…so you probably don’t have time to sit here for an hour and a half reading…AND you probably don’t want to keep this link open in your browser […]

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THE Three Steps to Scale and Grow Your Business Quickly

The word “scale”, even outside of the entrepreneurial world, has a TON of different meanings (thanks SO much English language…). Scales for weight, scaling buildings in a single leap, scales on the lizard man, singing your scales….ALL THE SCALES!!!!! One type of scale the “normal folk” don’t use? The business growth scale. Look through your […]

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Livestream and Loving It: How to kick ass on your perfect platform

**This post is just ONE of hundreds of lessons in “The Blogger’s Guide To…” membership program!  If you’d like to check out the entire “Livestream and Loving It” course…click this link!”  Let’s talk about Livestreaming platforms, shall we?  Going forward, I’ll primarily be referring to Facebook as the Platform of choice…BUT, there are two other […]

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Let’s Talk About Email Open Rates

Email Open Rates “Let’s talk about RATES, BAYBEEEE….Let’s talk about you and MEEEE.” HA!!  Now YOU have that stuck in your head too!!  😀 Today I want to talk about email open rates!!  Why?  A) Because it’s MY blog and I can…and B) because I think they are underrated and confusing for anyone new to […]

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My 7 Day Master Plan to Increase Your Traffic

I’m not going to lie…two weeks ago, I thought I’d bit off a little more than I could chew.  For the last year and a half, I’ve been telling my followers and readers to create opt-ins that were effective…but easy.  Although I STILL stand by that…I’m a rule setting and rule breaker at heart.  I […]

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