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It’s been about a week since the Download Library has gone up…and MAN it’s taken off!!  😀  <—-My smiley face since day 1!!

For those of you HAVEN’T signed up, I thought I’d give you a little peak at what you are missing!!!  When you sign up for the FREE library, you are getting access to all of the freebies I offer…or have EVER offered all in one place!!  That includes downloads to help you out video, SEO, the small business planner, the 21 SEO day Rookie Course and more!!



Not only all of this…but you’ll also get access to any future freebies I plan on adding to the page…and DAAAAAUUUUUM do I have some awesome freebies in mind. Next month ALONE I plan on adding three new freebies individually dedicated to building a community and traffic on Facebook, Instagram AND Pinterest!

Who knows…I may not have thought of something I haven’t thought of yet.

0_0 I get that that was a weird sentence.

Want a peak at some of my fave downloads included?


1.The SEO Rookie 21 Day Checklist – A step by step checklist that covers the basics you should know when it comes to optimizing your blog posts!

Library of Traffic Downloads
21 Days to Double Your WordPress Traffic Checklist

2. Using Interactive Media to Build An Audience – Have you thought about live streaming to increase your traffic?  What about PDF downloads? Trust me…it is SO the in thing right now. This checklist goes through everything that your downloads should have in order to grab the right attention.

Traffic Downloads for your business
Using Interactive Media to Increase Traffic

3. Building a Fanbase Around Your Brand – This PDF is all about creating buzz around your brand…standing out from the crowd.  We talk about everything from writing voice to building a community!

downloads about building traffic
Building a Fanbase Around Your Brand

As of right now….there are eight freebies in the library, just for you!  But there are three more in the works just for the month of June!  Hell, by the time you read this…there could be 200 downloads available for you!!

What else can you expect?  (Yep…there’s more!!) I plan on adding video content to the library shortly!!!  Mini courses and replays of livestreams! In addition to that, once a week (and only once…screw spam!) on Thursdays I’ll be sending you the Uncork Your Dork newsletter!  Every email is about building traffic to your website in SOME way, shape or form.

So, if you haven’t already, click below to sign up…and dive into some SUPER business changing content!



The first email you get from me will have the super secret password included!!  If you DON’T receive your password within 10 minutes, shoot me an email at uncorkyourdork@gmail.com

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