Wait…You didn’t even know Uncork Your Dork offered a blogging challenge?? Jokes on you!!  I offer SOOOO MANY!!!!

I am SO excited I can barely see straight today!!  I’ve been planning this blogging challenge for almost a month now…and I’m finally ready to reveal my master plan for moving Uncork Your Dork into the future.  🙂

We are shifting like a Rubix Cube…YOU CAN’T SOLVE UUUUUS!!

Ahem…anyhoo.  I told you I was excited!

If you are ANYTHING like me…which I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say you are (Doctor Who, Christmas Crack Cookies, Paula Abdul…those kinda things) I KNOW you love a good challenge.  You see “30 day Challenge” in a Facebook Group and you’re like “WHAAAAT?  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  BOOM!!” (Yes…you actually say “BOOM”. )

I love challenges too. I love them SO much, that I’m RELEASING ALL FOUR 14 DAY CHALLENGES TO YOU!!  Before today, the challenges were released about twice a year.

Why am I giving you guys evergreen access?

BECAUSE I CAN!!!  MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Kidding…#notreally.  The real reason is, my to-do list of new projects I want to get out for you guys is SOOOOOO huge in 2017, that adding in 8 new launches is a little too intense for me.

Ahem. SO…EXACTLY AM I giving you access to? 

In addition to giving you immediate access to the 14 day challenges TODAY…for FREE, I’m putting every single 30 day challenge (plus a new traffic building challenge every month!!) in the Challenge Library for ONE low price!

Each challenge will have:

  • 7 – 30 days of technical how-to’s straight to your inbox
  • writing/action prompts in the facebook group
  • SERIOUSLY kick ass and helpful workbooks, ebooks and worksheets (not that piddly crap people use to get you to sign up for their newsletters)
  • Livestreams
  • and access to a free Facebook group where you can share your progress, posts and questions!

Curious about what you guys can sign up for and what’s in the Challenge Library??


Talk Wordy to Me: 14 Days to Learn How to Blog Funny” 

This 14 day challenge will walk you through finding your unique blogging (and humorous) voice!

No Digity, No Doubt: 14 Days to Epic Downloads and An Organized List

A 14 day challenge to help you design and create ACTUALLY USABLE and GORGEOUS downloads as well as understand how to use your newsletter platform!

SEO.M.G. : 14 Days to An Optimized Blog and Business

This 14 day course is all about getting your blog and business ready to take on the Google beast!!  If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to ranking in search engines…click the image to get signed up!!

COMING SOON: 14 Days to An Organized Blog and Business

Honey Do is ALL about getting that business and blog organized!! Whether it’s your blog, your customer, your brand or even your finances…this course will get you started!!

I seriously hope you are as excited as I am.  These challenges are going to be GROUNDBREAKING in your business…I promise!  My goal is NOT to get names on my email lists…my goal is to get those that sign up, SERIOUSLY amazing content that will help them take action.

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If you ever have any questions about the challenges, simply send an email to terradawn@uncorkyourdork.com !

Terra Dawn