Wait…You didn’t even know Uncork Your Dork offered a blogging challenge?? Jokes on you!!  I offer FOUR!!!!  (Over-achiever…I know.)

I am SO excited I can barely see straight today!!  I’ve been planning this blogging challenge for almost a month now…and I’m finally ready to reveal my master plan for moving Uncork Your Dork into the future.  🙂

We are shifting like a Rubix Cube…YOU CAN’T SOLVE UUUUUS!!

Ahem…anyhoo.  I told you I was excited!

If you are ANYTHING like me…which I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say you are (Doctor Who, Christmas Crack Cookies, Paula Abdul…those kinda things) I KNOW you love a good challenge.  You see “30 day Challenge” in a Facebook Group and you’re like “WHAAAAT?  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  BOOM!!” (Yes…you actually say “BOOM”. )

I love challenges too. I love them SO much, that now through December I’m going to be throwing out 30 day challenges your way!!  I’m going to make it a permanent thing through 2017, but we are taking baby steps here!

Each challenge will have:

  • 30 days of technical how-to’s straight to your inbox
  • writing/action prompts in the facebook group
  • SERIOUSLY kick ass and helpful workbooks, ebooks and worksheets (not that piddly crap people use to get you to sign up for their newsletters)
  • Livestreams
  • and access to a free Facebook group where you can share your progress, posts and questions!

So…are you curious about what the challenge themes will be for the next four months? Here’s the calendar!


JANUARY: “Talk Wordy to Me: 14 Days to Learn How to Blog Funny” 

The doors to this challenge are open!!!  The Challenge starts on January 18th, so make sure you get signed up between now and then!

FEBRUARY: “No Digity, No Doubt: 14 Days to Epic Downloads and An Organized List”

APRIL: “SEO.M.G. : 14 Days to An Optimized Blog and Business”

MAY: 14 Days to An Organized Blog and Business

Admission will open about two weeks before the doors do…so make sure you jot these dates down on your calendar!  (You can sign up at this link to be notified every time we launch a new challenge!  No spam…just quick FYI’s!!) 

I seriously hope you are as excited as I am.  These challenges are going to be GROUNDBREAKING in your business…I promise!  My goal is NOT to get names on my email lists…my goal is to get those that sign up, SERIOUSLY amazing content that will help them take action.