The Freedom of a Recurring Revenue

According to the Texas State Society of the Descendants of the Mayflower…I….am a “writer”.  (I feel like I should do a dramatic bow after that statement.)  Truth is, though…that simple statement makes my heart absolutely swell.

My aunt has been fleshing out our Chandler family tree for almost a decade now, and all of her research FINALLY came together in one of the COOLEST stories possible.  Turns out, I am the great great great great great (maybe another great) granddaughter of Myles Standish…one of the original protectors of the Plymouth Colony and the founder of Duxbury, Massachusetts.  (Don’t worry…I’ve never heard of it either.) He sailed over on the Mayflower…did some amazing and terrible things…and helped cement our branch of the Chandler family in American history.

When I sent in my signed acceptance to the society, they asked what my profession was.  I put “Blogger/Business Owner” and remember thinking “What would Myles Standish think of being related to a “Blogger”.”  It made me giggle.

When I received my confirmation letter last week…it simply said “Writer” next to my name. I’ve wanted to be a “writer” since I was a kid.  (My first fantasy novel was DEAR LORD GOD AWFUL and I forbid any of my friends or family from mentioning it!)  But seeing the title “writer” next to my name made me feel like I that’s what I finally was.

I write 1,500-3,000 every single day…whether it’s for emails, courses, challenges or blog posts. If that’s not a writer…I don’t know WHAT is.

I’ve been writing an extra LARGE amount lately while I spit shine and launch the Challenge Library…a collection of every challenge I’ve ever offered PLUS a new challenge every single month. And THIS, my friends, is where the title of this post comes into play.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I’ve been LYING to you for the last 6 months.

0_0  I KNOW!!!!  Don’t hate me!

Almost four months ago, I launched my Challenge to Profit course…which I loved and WAS a huge success!!! (Still is…actually.)  It’s a $400 course that shows business owners how to launch a successful AND PROFITABLE challenge!!  When I launched, I FINALLY had my first $6,000 month.

I thought “I’ve done it.  My business has FINALLY become profitable!”

I continued generating profit from other products throughout the next month…all while I planned my next huge launch of the course scheduled for two months later. The day of the webinar came…it was a HUGE success! I received WONDERFUL reviews from everyone on the webinar.  Lots of questions.  TONS of enthusiasm.

And NO sales.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

What the ever loving HELL??????

Turns out…for some reason I can ONLY attribute to user error on my end…the sales buttons on my sales pages weren’t working. I had incorrectly coded the clickable images…so in the end, they were JUST images.

I learned a harsh lesson that day!!  Courses are magnificent.  Courses CAN change the success of your business.  But…courses are NOT a reliable source of income.

In order for this business to work…I needed to create a consistent income.  An income that I KNEW would be there every single month.

SO, I spent the month of January pivoting my products and my message.  I had spent the previous 6 months creating a SHIT ton of content in the form of challenges…and I KNEW I wasn’t using those to their full potential.  SO, I decided to put them all behind a monthly paid platform…and offer a NEW challenge every single month.

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In April…I’ll be publishing the 10 Day Challenge to Generate a $2,000 recurring and dependable income.  (You can grab the challenge for free simply by signing up for a free month of the Challenge Library!!  Click the banner!)

Who am I to teach that?  Considering I’ve signed up ALMOST 80 new members into the Challenge Library in the last month…I’d say I’m someone who has generated a recurring income!!  😀  I’m NOT going to teach you how to build a membership site…since I am in no way a master of that.  What I WILL teach you, is my process for using FREE tools and FREE marketing tools to help you do the same.

What will I be teaching EXACTLY? 

Day 1: Understanding your business financial mindset.

Day 2: The tools you’ll need to make it happen.

Day 3: Creating your lesson plan and editorial calendar.

Day 4: Setting up your school.

Day 5: Creating your first course.

Day 6: Pricing your school.

Day 7: Setting your income and sign up goals.

Day 8: Getting your first ten sign ups.

Day 9: Selling access to your school.

Day 10: Handling Discounts, Cancellations and Failed Payments.

As of right now…this challenge is JUST for Challenge Library members.  I have no plans to release it to the public.

The Challenge Library has had some PRETTY serious benefits to the biz this month!! You know all of those ideas you get as a business owner…but don’t have time to tackle?  (Write that ebook, create that 30 module course, start a Video Series, etc)?  Not only do I not have TIME to do some of those things…I simply don’t have time to promote them!! The Challenge Library has given me the freedom to turn those ideas into “doable” challenges, and include them in a product that is ALREADY being launched.

It’s created a reliable income in less than a month.

And it’s given me the ability to focus on what I believe is the most important part of my business…my followers!!  Instead of burning out with a new launch every month…I can now focus on emails, blog posts, the Facebook group, and more!!

I am SO excited about, not only the library, but the content I have planned for you in April!!  The next challenge, I think, is going to help you streamline your business and take away a TON of the stress on your plate.

In case you missed it before…you can get this course for FREE when it’s launched (the first week in April), simply by signing up for your FREE first month in the Library!

If you have any questions about the challenges included, simply post them below, ask them in the Facebook group, or send me an email at!