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If you build it…

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…they will hopefully think it looks really badass and want to own it.


Well, at least I HOPE that’s the case!  You have to produce a quality product, though! No cheap crap just to make a buck.  Your customers are incredibly smart, savvy shoppers you know! They know when they are paying for something worth their hard earned cash.

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At Work From Gnome, quality is always the goal.  I only build and write the things I need…so I have a lil’ inkling that you might need them too.

If you like what I’ve had to say so far, I think you’ll LOVE putting my tips into use via workbooks, pdf’s, workshops and planners.

Check out what the business planners, which offer:

• My Brand At a Glance - Tagline, Competition, Target Audience, Customer Relationship Statements
• My Customer Avatar - Build your perfect customer…then sell to them!
• Yearly and Monthly Business Goals
• Business Ideas - A simple note format that allows you to write down basics for your new ideas.
• Product Listing Worksheet
• Supplies and Materials Order Tracking
• Product Pricing - Includes material cost and time spent
• Shipped Product Tracking
• New Product Worksheet - Launch Date and To-Do’s
• Custom Order Form - For customer custom orders. - Internal Document
• Freebies Tracker - Plan your Giveaways and free downloads.

• Daily To-Do List
• Day Planner
• Logged Hours
• Weekly Planner
• Monthly Calendar
• Year Overview
• Year Assessment - Keep track of your progress.
• Event Plan - Plan your sales show, industry soiree or afternoon tea
• Monthly Sales Tracker
• Monthly Expenses Tracker
• Year Overview - Track your increase in profits month to month.
• Budget Tracker
• Travel Budget/ Expense Report
• Social Media - Website, Blog and Shop Content Planning
• Social Media Planning Calendar
• Coupon Codes - Keep track of any sales codes you offer to customers
• Advertising - Keep track of everywhere you are advertising.
• Contact List
• Suppliers and Websites - Keep track of who you are ordering from.
• Brainstorm Sheet - Flesh out ideas and problem solve for your business.
• Notes - You know…that section in the back that is obligatory for these types of things. 😉

I know…I know…MIND. BLOWN.  Crazy awesome organization, right?

And there is even more where THAT came from!  So be sure to head to the Etsy store to check out the goods.  And of course, if you have any suggestions of tools you’d LOVE to see…let me know!  I may be able to whip up something pretty awesome for you!

Terra Dawn

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