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  OK…so I had a BRAIN IMPLOSION yesterday!!  

Like seriously….ballooned out then sucked itself back in, it was so massive.  The WFG Small Business Planner for 2016 is going from FREE to 17.95 (not a huge leap…but, you can’t beat FREE!) at the end of January!!

It’s getting a Facelift…a few added pages…some nose work.  It’s going to look FABULOUS.

But I’ve been a little stumped as to what to replace it with!!  I mean, what’s better than a 35+ page book that will get your business COMPLETELY organized?  0_0

And then I struck gold.  One of my issues (that’s how I know it’s one of yours too) is focusing on ONE area of my business and letting the rest kind of mingle in the background vying for my parental attentions.  It’s sad really.

So a few months ago, I took the bull by the horns and fleshed out some VERY ugly worksheets (don’t worry…I’ve made them pretty just for you) that would help me focus on one to two SUPER important areas of my business every day.

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Here’s how it works.  At the beginning of the month, I assign a worksheet to each day of the week.  For Example:

Monday: Traffic/SEO Assessment

Tuesday: Product Assessment

Wednesday: Freebie Assessment

Thursday: Advertising Assessment

Friday: Newsletter Assessment

Saturday: Social Media Assessment

Sunday: Website Assessment (included in February’s Pack)

 **SPOILER ALERT** These are the exact one’s you’re getting in your first download!! 

My assessments have increased a tad since I started doing this, so some days actually have two assessments!  INSANE!

Each one takes 10-30 minutes for me to complete…and it’s LITERALLY simply about checking in with each of these areas, figuring out what needs to be improved on, updated and deleted….and then assigning a time/day in your notebook to get that baby done!

OK….here’s where the implosion part comes in!!  As I’ve said…these bad boys are FREE.  What’s even better???  EVERY month, I’ll be sending your four NEW assessment downloads!!  Expense assessments, income and goal assessments, product pricing assessments, Title Assessments (I’m an ASSessment girl…*snort*).

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HOW FREAKIN’ FUN IS THAT!!!  When you sign up, there will be NO NEED to sign up again!  I will automatically send you the new worksheets at the end of each month. 🙂

You can print these badboys out and binder them…OR save a tree and fill in the forms with Word! This works with any businesses model…be it online or off.


What’s Included In Our January Release?

Traffic/SEO Release - This form is perfect for assessing where you were last week in the traffic game!  I, personally, use Google analytics for this…specifically pulling up info on Keywords, Sites that have sent the most traffic, and days that had out of the ordinary spikes.

Product Assessment - Face it, as awesome as we think something is when we first create it…sometimes the hype just doesn’t last.  This sheet helps you take a look at individual products (I recommend focusing on one product per day…slow going, but much more focused and efficient in the long run.)  You’ll take a look at design, pricing, placement, traffic, total sales, recent sales and more!

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Freebie Assessment - JUST as important as your product assessment (and sometimes even more) is assessing what you are you giving away to your followers.  How useful is the download?  Does it have a reason for existing?  What is the goal for creating and promoting it? (Funny side note…I used a Freebie Assessment worksheet to assess the Freebie Assessment Worksheet.  lmao.)

Advertising Assessment - THIS is the assessment behind all the assessments! It’s the one that created them aaaaaaall. Every week I check in on my paid for marketing (whether through FB or other sources) to see how the ads are performing, what needs to be tweaked, and are they even still valid ads?  This has saved me LOADS of money in the past few months!!  I’ve put the kabosh on ads that weren’t converting within days…instead of letting them go blindly on for two or three weeks.

Newsletter Assessment - This is another one of my favorites.  With all of the writing I do on a daily basis, one would think writing a newsletter would NOT be that difficult.  *sigh*  It is NOT my strong point.  This form will help you assess how you are doing on the newsletter writing front…assessing your ups and downs, dedication and imagination to your audience.

Social Media Assessment - Ooooooh social media, you beast of burden, you. This worksheet helps you go (again) through your social media one platform at a time…each week.  I recommend rotating through them, so you touch on one platform a month! You’ll assess your increase in followers as well as your increase (or lack thereof) in interaction with them.  This is also a good time to make sure your branding is up to date!

And finally…

Website Assessment - (You’ll see this one if February!) There is another sheet for your blog, since there are so many more components involved, but your website is nonetheless SUPER important and needs to be maintained! In this worksheet, we hit on branding, visual components, ease of use, menu items, popups and more.

AGH!!  I’m excited just talking about all of this!!

I pulled it all together in one LOVERLY pdf for you! Each month, I will add four additional pages to the PDF and resend it your way.  The only thing YOU have to do is sign up, confirm your email, and if the first email goes into your “Promotions” tab (I’m lookin’ at you Gmail users) be sure to drag it over to the “Primary” tab and you’ll get my downloads every month! No hunting needed!

Side note: If you’ve missed any of the past emails OR you just want immediate access to all of the future ones, you’re in luck!!!!  A one time entry fee of $35 will getcha in and straight onto the red carpet…you sexy beast, you.  You’ll get immediate download access to ALL 35+ (as of now but that’s growing every month), Assessment Sheets! We’ll have you up and organized in no time!

Alright…I have OOOOOONE more request for you!  If you are in need of an assessment sheet for a topic I haven’t covered yet…hint it to me in the comment area with your website down below!!

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I may just thank you in the February email!  😀


Terra Dawn




PS. OOOOoooo!  One more thing! If you haven’t checked it out yet…last week we launched the Work From Gnome Online Community…just for small business owners like YOU!  It’s a FREE community geared towards enthusiasm, pats on the back, commiseration (when needed), advise and terrible jokes.  Every day you’ll have the opportunity to share what it is you are working on…and of course ask your fellow members for advice and feedback in The Daily Feedback Feed!  Check it out!


Terra Dawn

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