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The 2016 Small Business Planner Re-Design

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Ok…it’s been ALMOST a month and a half since we last spoke (via the blog….follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook and I won’t shut up!!!!).  I have a GREAT reason for The Silence, though!!!!

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(I am not apologizing for the terrible Doctor Who reference…I’m feening for the next season.)

For the last few weeks, I’ve been nose to the grind focusing on getting this brand spankin’ new website and blog up for you folks!!!!  Aint it lovely???

Do a twirl, blog…do a twirl!

I’m super stoked!  Work From Gnome is  a FUN place to be. It HAS to involve neon colors, glitter, real animals that should probably be mythical. It’s a constant party of knowledge, laughs and small business productivity…so why not decorate the party room!!??  (I’m updating the library this week….so keep your knickers on and NOT in a twist!!  You’ll get  LOADS of freebies headed your way soon!)

Wait…SPEAKING of freebies!! THE PRODUCTS HAVE A NEW LOOK TOO!!  I realized at the beginning of last January that I just…wasn’t proud of my designs.  My Small Business Planner was awesome-sauce in the productivity department…but a bit on the gruyere side of the cheese wheel.  (Super cheesy, in other words.)

I wanted them to represent my company and everything it stood for!!!  SO…I’ve spent the last few weeks updating the layouts and redesigning the books!!!  Ladies and gents…I would like to introduce you to this quarter’s (that’s right…new designs will come out each quarter and OLD designs will be shelved!!) designs!!!!  Each one was HAND DRAWN and colored by me, myself and I.  This crack pot team of artists spent countless hours with pencil, eraser and paper working to draw YOU the perfect cactus.  (That’s a sentence you don’t hear everyday.)

Viva La Whalicorn

I Prick You (Coming This Week)

I Heart Your Face (Coming this Week)

Where My Gnomes At (Not pictured below, but available and freakin’ awesome.)

and Butterflies Anonymous

I am IN LOVE with every one of these designs….but might be a LIIIIIIIIITTLE partial to the Narwal…but he’s just so freakin’ cute!!!

I will name him Carl.

SO…other than the bringing a smile to your face EVERY single day…what are the benefits of the Work From Gnome Small Business Planner? Who is the Small Business Planner FOR?  WONDERFUL QUESTIONS!!

This planner is specifically for the small business owner who wants more traffic through a simplified social media plan.  It’s for the Startup looking to increase their profits by keeping cleaner files and documented costs and profits.  It’s for the Entrepreneur looking to design the next best product and ONLY work on those that are profitable.  

It’s time to get your ass in gear and kill it…and this planner will be your foundation for getting there. It may sound selfish, but I DESPERATELY want to be a part of your journey.

I have more wonderful news for our Shop followers!  

In addition to Carl and his friends, we’ve also added some fun new office organization must haves like notebooks and sticky pads!!!!  (PS…I’m looking for a great quality, cheaper manufacturer than Zazzle *sigh*…so if any of you nutcases are in the same boat as I am but know more than I do, chime in or email me!!)

One more design is coming to the shop before the end the of this quarter…(I’m thinking food themed?), so favorite the etsy shop, follow me on all the social medias and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest!!!!

All the loves until next week!

Terra Dawn

PS…since I failed at doing this earlier…HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A SAFE NEW YEAR!!!  😀

PPS….DO A GIRL A FAVOR!!  No…not just any girl!!  ME!  Share this post with your friends!!  See the shiny NEW buttons below? Don’t you just love shiny new buttons?  Don’t you just wanna….press ’em???

Do it…

Go on…press the button.  0_o

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