The comment area of your blog is great for incoming traffic and Google SEO. Read my rant to find out why!

Why the Comment Area of Your Blog Drives Me Batshit

Fair warning, this is going to be a rant…

I LOVE commenting on other blogger’s posts!!  Since it’s EXCELLENT for SEO, I’ve actually incorporated into my daily routine.  Leaving a URL that links to your most recent (or chosen) post is a wundubar way to tell Google that your post is important and recommended by other websites.

That…IF you CAN leave a comment.

Ugh…cue rant.  EVERY day I end up on someone’s blog (usually Blogger…not going to lie) that informs me that “Sure!  You can leave a comment, Terra…but you’ll have to: A) Create an account. B) Sign into an account C) Solve the equation for   A^x +B^y = C^z, or D) All three…suckah!!!!!!!!!

I know it shouldn’t….but it just DOES.  It just…PISSES. ME. OFF. I’ve JUST finished dedicating 5-10 minutes of my time to reading your enthralling content and ALL I want to do is participate in a conversation!!  Or…at least…tell you much I appreciated your writing!

But nooooooooo…I have to create a damned account.

Well, you know what??  SCREW your account!!  You could have had an interaction on your blog post that would help increase your rankings in Search engines.

Well, not anymore…

I’ve moved on…

And I hate to tell you, but unless another reader has already created an account previously (Google +) or HAPPENS to be on the same platform has you (Blogger**)…they’ve moved on too.

So what good is my rant now?  Look…interaction with your posts prove to the Google bots that readers are finding your information…well…informative.  So, you HAVE to make sure your readers can comment easily! We are a lazy lot!!

No really!! We are!!  If I can’t figure out how to comment on your blog post in 2 seconds (that’s being lenient) I just…won’t!  I’ll say screw it!

There are ONLY two things your readers are interested in when it comes to commenting.  Their first name and their URL.  (Sometimes an email is required…not a biggie.)  Anything more, and readers get annoyed.

If you are using WordPress (please, God) use the comment platform that WordPress COMES with (remember what I’ve said previously about frivolous plugins messing with your keywords) OR, use a system like Commentluv.  Super fun and great for bribing readers to comment.

SO…do me a favor.  Check your comment section…make an educated guess at how easy it is to interact with your post…and freakin’ use that education to fix it!!!


Right…I guess that’s it!

Fix yo’ shit!

**There are other reasons why I am not a Blogger fan…which I’ll cover in an upcoming post…

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