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SEO Custom Report: Cuddle Your SEO Rookie

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The SEO Custom Report that will help your products and services rank for Google

Don’t judge my dork…but I am an SEO fangirl.

If I’m stressed…I turn to SEO (and chocolate).

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If I need a break…SEO (and chocolate).

Better than a day trip to the zoo? …SEO (and chocolate).

In other words…I love my SEO. I’ve been doing these one on one SEO reports for a few months now, and after putting in place my recommendations, the small businesses I’ve worked with have started to see results within just 4-5 days!

Look…if it’s two things I know it’s:

A) SEO is hard…and although you have to devote time to it, sometimes you JUST need a little hand holding! And THAT’s why I DON’T DO IT FOR YOU!!  I will take 5 of your webpages (you can suggest them, or I can determine which I think are the most important for your customer base) and will create an INCREDIBLY detailed report for each page. Each report includes suggestions for fixes, a to-do list for each page, and exactly WHY I suggest those changes…for the soul reason that this will help you keep up with your posts and pages after we are finished!

and B) Yes.  I am a social recluse…but oddly enough, I miss your faces! This will allow me to work one on one with a select group of people and not feel like the hermit I know I am becoming.  0_0




  • Within 5 BUSINESS DAYS, I will assess up to 5 pages of your website and/or blog’s SEO and put together an 20-30 page report breaking down EXACTLY how your site looks to google, and EXACTLY what you need to be doing on a daily, weekly and yearly basis to improve your rank and MAINTAIN your rank!  Included in that report is one page of SEO education, making it SUPER easy to reference key terms and tactics you’ll be using.
  • Finally, I’ll provide you with 1 page of a detailed “to-do” list for each URL assessed, breaking down everything we’ve gone over into actionable steps from “easiest to resolve” to “continuing actions”. SEO can be confusing…and I want to make SURE you are focused and understand everything!
  • That being said, I’m always here!! Once you’ve purchased this packet, you’ll have access to ask me SEO questions anytime you need to! You’ll also have access to the FB Group, which gives you the ability to poll and ask some AWESOME people questions when you need a team!
  • **FREEBIE** - If you are using Google Analytics (you will be soon if you aren’t currently!) I’ve included a FREE Blogger Analytics dashboard that can easily be added to your Analytics dashboard! (See link at the bottom of the questionnaire.) It organizes all of your important information on one page…including Sessions & Pageviews, Top Posts, Social Media Referral Graph, Traffic Source Pie Chart, Bounce Rate Statistics and Keywords.



I want to make sure that I am still present in my online business!  It could be SUPER easy for me to get all caught up working with you crazies…so I want to make sure I am limiting myself.  I am ONLY taking 6 new Rookies every month.  Once this month is full, there will be the option to sign up for the next available month.



This is for the small business who is BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW to SEO or has been out of the SEO game for a while! They have either JUST started their blog or website, and are looking to get a leg up on the competition…OR they’ve had a website for a year and their hard work just isn’t showing any results.

This report is for the small business owner who is willing to put in the work, but just doesn’t know where to start.




Easy peasy! Once you purchase the Report, you’ll be sent a SUPER quick questionnaire! You can fill it out directly on your computer and email it right back! If you are 100% new to website development and SEO, you may not know some of the answers…and that’s perfectly normal! I just want to get the fullest picture possible of what I need to assess.

Within 5 BUSINESS DAYS (that’s Monday-Friday!!), you’ll get your 20+ page report for your implementation!

**Reminder** This is NOT ME fixing your SEO and website!! I will NOT be asking for access to your website’s login! These are steps that YOU will be taking as the website/business owner. I am just a compass to get you pin-pointed in the right direction!

Once you’ve read through the report, send me any questions you have or clarifications you might need via email and we should be off and rolling!

If you have any questions related to this listing BEFORE you purchase your report, I’d love to answer them! Private message them my way!

Have questions BEFORE you hit the “buy now” button?  Sure thang, chicken wang!! (Yep…that sounds terrible.) Leave them below and I’ll get you the most detailed answer I can AS SOON as I can!



Normally, this detailed report (plus working with me one on one) runs $179, but for 24 hours…and JUST for you…*bats eye lashes* I’m giving you 50% off!  Fair warning…I am NOT going back on the time frame!  AFTER 24 hours, the price goes RIGHT back up again…no take backsies!! 

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