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A Business Planner Download…a Gift For Your Kickassery

I was trying to do some brainstorming the other night…trying to figure out WHAT my readers REALLY need right now.

No…I mean it!  I gave away some pretty awesome freebies last year, but nothing that did better than my 2016 Small Business Planner.  Obviously you guys found that useful, and I’ve been trying to reclaim that former glory ever since…soooooooooo…..


I give you….THE 2016 MINI BUSINESS PLANNER!!!  It’s like the red headed step child of it’s predecessor!

12 Pages of Social Media planning, blog planner, calendars, to-do lists and product development are in order, me thinks!!  😀

Quick Note: These pages are NOT for resale!!!  These are a gift to you from Terra Dawn (me) at Uncork Your Dork, and any reproduction of them for resale, posting on your own website for download, or removal of the branding is strictly prohibited.  I WILL take action if I see them used for anything other than personal/private use. 

What’s Included:

Your Brand At a Glance - Sometimes it JUST takes one sheet of paper to set the world right again.  if you’ve been hashing and re-hashing your brand…this might help you out a little!  Colors, logos, adjectives…they are all here!

New Product Sheet - What is a business without products?  This product development page lays down areas to quickly jot down what new hell you plan on unleashing on your customers…BEFORE you spend the time or money unleashing it!

Master To-Do List - Look…your to-do list can get a little batshit.  I know…I have one.  0_0  Emails to send, calls to make…shite to get to customers.  I get it!  The Master To-Do List will help you lay it all out.  I keep mine above my desk and replace it weekly!  Each print out represents a five day workweek.  The list includes due dates, just to make sure everything CAN be done when it NEEDS to be done.

Daily To-Do List - This awesome bad boy takes the previous “Master To-Do List” and breaks it down into doable actions for the day!!  I’ve found that this one works perfectly on my desk top!  Since each of these sheets can be filled out digitally, I create a new one each night for the next day and save it to my computer.

Monthly Calendar - Sometimes, small business t0-do’s go farther than just a daily or weekly to-do list. Sometimes, they are projects that can stretch a few weeks…so it’s good to have an overviews of what projects a month might encompass!!  I’ve used this calendar for both larger projects (courses I’m developing as well as events I’m planning) AND a blog post calendar.  The To-Do sections on the side of the calendar serve as a more step by step break down for the projects you are tackling!

Website, Blog and Shop Tracker - This one is pretty damn awesome and gets some of the most use with Uncork Your Dork.  AS I’m working throughout the day, I get slivers of ideas for website fixes…shop modifications and blog post ideas! These are NOT to-do’s…but more along the lines of decisions I have to make.

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Social Media Overview - I look to create social media around a monthly theme.  It keeps all of my planning easier to manage and plan. This sheet is used to make sure I stay on track with that plan!  I start by setting my site goals (twitter, facebook, the blog, etc), which username I will be posting under…since I have different usernames on some of the medias, and finally my post frequency goal.

Brainstorm - Oh, how I LUUUUUUUUURVE the process of brainstorming new ideas and new events!  (I’ve even written a book about it!!!) Sometimes, an idea feels like a flash of brilliance…and then, you wake up in the morning and realize that this “freakin’ fantastic idea!” was nothing more than just a half sleep crazed notion involving pink elephants and pixie dust.  This sheet helps you get your idea on paper, so that you can return to it in a few weeks time and either pitch it…or plan it farther!

Noets - Finally, this notes page is a perfect digital place to keep track of passing thoughts for particular projects. The notes page (like the rest) is completely fillable digitally…so use these pages to keep notes in your business folders!

I hope you love this as much as I think you will!!  Of course, if you have ANY questions for me…don’t hesitate to put them in the comments section below!!!  I would LOVE to answer them for you!


Terra Dawn

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    Melissa Archibald
    March 22, 2022 at 2:46 pm

    I LOVE this Small Business Planner and I LOVE free printables! These will be perfect for keeping track of my “blog” related tasks.

    • Reply
      March 22, 2022 at 3:22 pm

      YAY!!!!! I’m so happy you love it!!! 😀

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    Creating a Unique Small Business
    April 6, 2022 at 12:39 pm

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