Looking for comments that will get you traffic on your OWN blog?

Contrary to popular belief, most SEO fanatics these days will tell you that leaving a comment on someone else’s blog posts will NOT improve your own inbound links and Google ranking. Most comment areas are automatically coded with a “No Follow” tag…thus rendering the links you attach to them perfectly useless.

Go ahead…*public sigh* with me. All these rules are frustrating.

“So…what IS the point of commenting, then?,” you yell at me in general irritation?  “If commenting on other blogs doesn’t increase traffic, then…”

Hoooooooold up!  I never said they don’t increase traffic!!  I just said that they don’t improve your number of inbound links (which Google values so highly).

Sure…commenting on other blogs with lazy comments like “Great post!” and “Awesome! Thanks for the info!” is super easy and time efficient…but reading that comment certainly wouldn’t want to make me check out what YOU have to say!

In order for comments to be IN ANY way effective for you, you need to be posting comments that create a conversation or an emotion with the blogger (or other commenters).  My general schedule is to comment on about 3 other posts a day. If it’s a high trafficked and active blog, I try to be the first one to comment on the post.  This makes sure your name and link don’t get buried at the bottom.  Almost every person to comment will see your response.

First, I check to make sure the blog post allows EASY commenting.  (Not all bloggers have made commenting on their posts as easy as they should.)

Once that’s been determined…I READ the post!!  C’mon…it’ll take like 5-6 minutes!  Don’t be a lazy ass…you might learn something!

Finally, I craft a blog comment that I KNOW will generate a reaction! From comments alone, I’ve been asked to guest blog on numerous sites…as well as had the opportunity to connect and join the social circles of some pretty kick ass people!

I've listed 5 of my favorite types of conversation starters to help you get on your commenting game!Click To Tweet

Oh!  Two last tips!  Make sure to tick that box (where applicable) that tells their blogging system to email you with any responses to your comment. This is super important…since you want to keep the conversations going!

Also, when you link in the provided comment area, try to link to inner pages of your site…like particular posts.  When you DO come across a comment area that has replaced their comment tags with a “Do Follow” setting, this will tell Google that every page provides great content…not just your front page!

Below, I’ve listed 5 of my favorite types of conversation starters to help you get on your commenting game!

    1. The letter!  This is one of my favorites…and I’ve found that it generates the most traffic!  I write the comment directed at the blogger themselves.  For example “Hi Margie!”.  This immediately lets the reader know that you aren’t just commenting and running. You’ve read the post and are genuinely interested in who they are as a blogger and company.  This comment is generally about 1-2 small paragraphs long…juuuuuuust long enough to be longer than an average quote and to stand out.  It’s great to (without stealing the spotlight) include a brief story about why this post connected with you.  Then elaborate on what your favorite part of the blog post was. DON’T include a CTA in your comment.  This is considered rude in any place other than the link location already provided to you in the comment system.
    2. Questions!  You knew this one was going to be thrown in there somewhere! When you ask a question…especially on someone else’s blog, you are giving them a sense of importance.  You have made them the teacher.  EVERY blogger wants to feel this way.  This is…LITERALLY, the whole point of being a public blogger!  We want out readers to come to us for advice in whatever subject we talk about! Make sure your question is not just a basic one…give that blogger a bit of a challenge! Make them say…”Oooo!  Good question!” when they read it! When they respond to your question (make sure you have the response notifications on!) head back over to their blog and keep the conversation going!  After a few exchanges, they will absolutely be curious about the person behind the avatar.
    3. Invoke an emotion. This is probably one of the hardest to accomplish…but one of the most effective.  The second you connect with someone on an emotional level, it’s in your human nature to want to learn more about them. A fun comment (if it’s genuine) to heap onto a blogger is praise. Not praise for their information…but praise for their time, their knowledge, their love and dedication to their craft, and their product. These are all things an online business person connects DEEPLY with. If your comment makes them smile and want to toot their own horn…they will want to take a peak into your own work!
    4. Be a fan! There are two ways of doing this.  Comment on more than just one post, over a decent period of time. After the fourth or fifth time you post, your name will start to be recognized!  Your brand and persona will start to become a constant on the site…kind of like that weird loner in the corner of the bar that you frequent who is ALWAYS THERE! Another way you can do this is simply…TELL them you’re a fan!! Once you tell them that you are not just a reader, but a raving fanatic…they’ll want to check you out (if for no other reason than to feed their own egos…or make sure they don’t need to bust out a restraining order.  Looking at YOU owner of IHeartTerraDawn.com!!)
    5. Offer a challenge! If you think the blogger is incorrect on something, politely give your side of the story.  DON’T tell them they are wrong. Remember, this is THEIR house.  You can’t just walk into someone’s home and say “You’re wrong!”  Well…I guess you can.  But I can’t imagine that would foster much goodwill towards your OWN home.  (I would expect a good tee-peeing later.)  This is, actually, the type of comment that has landed me a few guest blogging posts!!  If worded correctly, the blogger will end up doing a bit of recon on this “new information giver”. If your OWN posts are well written and super informative…they may ask you for an interview or a guest post on their own corner of the interwebs.

Whew!!!  I hope that helps in the commenting department!!  Need a little practice?  Comment below!!!  🙂  Get the conversation started! Just so happens…my comment area IS set as “Do Follow”.  (Welcome…)  So be sure to leave a link to your most recent post!

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If you think commenting is dead and a waste of time in the world of SEO, think again!  Creating a community around your own work plays a huge part in the Google rankings game, and one of the best ways to do that is STILL to comment on other blogger's posts!  In this post I'm giving you 5 comments that will help convert and DIVERT traffic back to your own work on your own site. Click to read and, of course, leave a comment of your own!!