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These 7 Bloggers Will Change Your Small Business

March 28, 2016

These Bloggers Will Change Your Small Business, Your Income, and Your Sanity

I get it.  Pinterest is an amazing tool.  I’m as addicted to it as anybody!!!  When I first signed up (back when they were in beta-mode…I feel 80!) I thought “Holy shit!  This is perfect!! I can save all of the articles I want to read but don’t have time to…I’ll never miss a brilliant piece of advice again!!

I was right.  I’ve been pinning out the bum-holy ever since.  I’ve collected some AMAZING advice…and going back to the beginning, I’ve read VERY little of what I originally pinned.  Head/desk.  Pointless I tell you.

SO…last month, I made reading a priority.  I’ve made it a part of my morning routine.  Every morning, I jump on Pinterest and spend 30 minutes catching up on articles that will benefit my day’s theme. For instance, today my theme was post planning!  So, I spent this morning reading up on various tips and tricks for planning and organizing my blog posts.

Tip!: I plan the theme for my next day before going to bed the previous night!

[clickToTweet tweet=”I want to set aside the bloggers who have made a difference in my traffic and day to day routine.” quote=”I wanted to set aside the posts (and postERS) who have REALLY made a difference in my traffic, income and day to day routine.” theme=”style1″]

On the theme of blogging, I started thinking about the posts that have gotten my butt in gear the most over the past 30 days.  With all of the content on Pinterest, I wanted to set aside the posts (and postERS) who have REALLY made a difference in my traffic, income and day to day routine! Chances are, you’ve heard a few of these names before (for good reason!).  But I’m hoping there are a few you can jump up on the fanwagon with me for!

Top bloggers to help your small business succeed.





Holy toledo do I love this woman!!  I don’t know HOW Regina comes up such amazing content! Oh wait…yeah I do, because she wrote this awesome article explaining her EXACT writing process for creating SUPER shareable posts! (For the record…I’ve spent DAYS on her website.  There is a post for EVERY question you might have about your own small business and blog!! I still have so much to reeeeeeead!!)  If you’re looking for post ideas, I also recommend checking out this post on “51 Types of Blog Posts to Help You Grow Your Reach“!  I’ve gone back to this one a few times when I’ve needed a bit of inspiration.

(Click here to check out more of ByRegina on Pinterest!  Be sure to give her a follow!)

click this link to find more of byregina's articles on pinterest!


Find wanderlass at her blog!






Allison is a gal after my own heart. Color. Snark. Information out the butt. Being a fantastic photographer (you all know how much I love my photog peeps!), all of her information gets you visually inspired!  Speaking of which…if that’s something you are needing to kick into higher gear on your own bloggity…she has a couple of amazing articles on branding AND “The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Styled Blog Photos!!

PS…shortly after she launched her “Blog + Life Planner”…I owned it.  And shortly after I owned it…I FREAKIN’ LOVED IT! If you’re more of a “hand written” kinda blog and biz planner…I recommend getting this bad boy.  Every page makes me happy…and every page makes me organized.

PPS…Check out more of Allison’s posts and follow her on Pinterest here!

Click her follow wanderlass on pinterest.


If you are looking to up your small business game, follow the nectar collective on pinterest!






Nectar Collective

Pinterest has changed my business life. Since finding Melyssa and her Pinfinite Growth course , my presence on Pinterest has done a complete 180.  Although I had followers before…I’ve now DOUBLE my followers (and my growth), doubled the interaction on posts pinned from MY websites, and increased the traffic to my blog substantially!!!  If ever there was a game changer…this lady created it.

In addition to offering some fantastic courses, her blog posts are worth their weight in gold on their own!!  My faves so far are “10 Ways to Build An Active Community On Your Blog“, “How to Rock at Blog Sponsorships“, and “How to Create a Sales Page and Price for Your First Info Product“.

PS…I have to say AGAIN how amazing her Pinfinite Growth course is!!! I am NOT an affiliate…just a fan. 🙂

PPS…don’t forget to follow The Nectar Collective on Pinterest and check out her library of articles!

Increase your blog traffic with pinfinite growth!


Get in on the next Elle Chat for great branding information!




Elle and Co. 

Lauren Hooker is adorable.  Simple as that. Easy as pie.  And speaking of easy as pie…she makes learning on her blog and website easy as pie!  From design your brand to selling your product…her posts and courses are easy to follow and packed full of information you can refer to over and over again. My ABSOLUTELY freakin’ part of her business (which, I am not going to lie, I would like to figure out how to incorporate into my business) is her weekly Ellechat!  The weekly live and free event covers a new topic of small business.  What’s even better is, she has every replay up on her website!!  You can check out past events that you’ve missed right here!! Grab your cheesy popcorn…because these are awesome.

In addition to her weekly events, her blog posts are spectacular! My favorites to date are “1 Key Reason Your Course Isn’t Selling” (recon for the upcoming course launch, people!!) and “6 Engaging Ways to Humanize Your Online Business“.

PS…follow Elle and Co’s amazing posts by following Lauren on Pinterest!

Increase your sales by reading more articles from Elle and co.



If you are looking for advice on unique branding, the branded solopreneur is your gal.






The Branded Solopreneur

Dre is hilarious…and she’s build her brand around it. Giving her advice freely on branding across social media, your blog, your emails and even your writing style. In all honesty, I’ve only just found her this past week…but my brand thanks her IMMENSELY!!!  My favorite reads so far have been “4 Techniques to Junk Punch Your Fears, So You Can Stay Focused On Your Goals“, “Quick and Dirty Guide to Time Management“, and “How To Make Your Blog Special“.  (That last one kills me every time….you’ll see why that joke is funny when you see the first picture she posts.)

PS…follow Dre on Pinterest and read more of her masterful verbiage by clicking here!!!

The branded solopreneur will get your business branded in a unique way.



If you are looking to promote your small business, follow on pinterest for help!





I’m lovin’ Erika from!  Her work focuses on helping you to enhance your brand reputation on social media and your blogging platform!  (She gots street cred, yo!) Not mention, I’m just freakin’ obsessed with her brand. My favorite posts so far have been “Brand Impressions: The 21 Day Detox” and “16 (more) Ways to Look Like An Authority and Earn Trust On the Web“.

If you need to prove yourself to your followers and get your game in check, follow Erika from on Pinterest and check out more of her work!

See what else Erika from has to say on branding and social media.

Her Lovely Heart

I heart Marianne. First off…she’s an veteran wedding photographer (like myself).  Second…instead of focusing on the physical business…she focuses on the heart of a business.  She really dives into emotions and what the business owner is FEELING (which EVERY entrepreneur knows is A LOT of feels). Some of my favorite posts thus far have been “What Cats and Introverts Have In Common” (insert dogs for me here..), “What To Do When You Feel Too Quiet In A Loud Market” and (this one’s REALLY good) “How To Deal with Personal Failure“.  Call me crazy, but Marianne’s writings are slowly becoming my internal, on-site business psychiatrist.

Check out all of her posts and follow her on Pinterest for more! 

Marianne from Her Lovely Heart will help calm your business fears.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!!  Lord knows I have a ton more to give…but carpal tunnel and ADD are setting in, so we better call it quits before I start talking about Kittens.  0_0

If you want to check out more of my favorite bloggers, follow my “Doin’ It Bloggy Style” on Pinterest!! (Watch for the Course of the same name coming soon!)

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    • Woo-hoo!!! I’m so glad you like it Chloe!! 🙂 I’ve become addicted to these guys recently…thought I’d share the addiction. lol. Enjoy!!

  • Great list!!! You’ve really zero’d in on some ladies doing big things and being big bright shiny lights illuminating the way for the rest of us. [A portion of this comment has been retracted by TerraDawn]

  • Great list! Some I already follow & others I’m looking forward to checking out. I was expecting to see Femtrepreneur up there as she’s so so generous with the content she shares. Between her & Regina I’m ready to kick this thing in high gear!

    • Oh my goodness!!! I don’t know how I could have left her off!! She’s one of my faves too!! 😀 Thanks for stopping by Hallie!!! I hope you found a few new bloggers to lurve!

    • Hey Tricia!! These are just screensshots! I know you can embed your own boards (each board has an embed link in the top right corner of the screen)…but I don’t know how to embed other folks’ boards!! That would be super awesome for blogging!!

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