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If Your Looking For a Small Business Facebook Group That Will Kick You in the Bum…

We are KICKIN’ ASS and TAKIN’ DORK HOSTAGES!!  😀 The Facebook group has taken off with a pretty amazing group of people!  Starting this week, I will be hosting a weekly FB live event geared towards moving more traffic towards your corner of the interwebs.  We’ll talk social medias, SEO, events, etc. Everything you need to do to get things moving.  🙂

The only thing you need to enter through these doors of freakin’ amazingosity is a  secret phrase…

The phrase is….

“I am ready to kick some ass, take some names, and uncork some dork.”


Everyday in the group has a different theme…(Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc), but EVERYDAY gives you an opportunity to show us what you’ve got going on!!

We are a pretty free-wheeling group…but we DO have a couple of rules!! (We aren’t HIPPIES, you know!!)

Promos can ONLY be posted on the specific threads assigned to them.  If your promo doesn’t match the thread (for instance…you post your twitter profile on a Facebook themed day), we will unfortunately have to strap you down and tickle that center part of the soul of your feet until you pass out. (Well…THAT escalated quickly.) Nah. Kidding.  But we WILL delete the post.

If you have a general question…NOT promo or theme related, post it directly to the FB wall!!  We want to get conversation started!

Like I said…the group is FREE to join!!  You just need to be excited and dedicated to your craft.  (Sometimes…your dedication may wain…but don’t worry, we have your back on that too.)

If you’d like to join, simply shoot me your request by heading to the club room and clicking the green “+ Join Group” button! I’ll usually get around to accepting you within the day!

Terra Dawn

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