I’ll show you how I used the Facebook Live Platform to increase traffic and sales during my first broadcast!

I am on SUCH a high right now!! (No…I’m not on the ganga…).  I just finished doing my FIRST EVER Facebook Live broadcast!

If I’m being honest?  I only did it to rip the bandaid off!  (Sooo…it’s liiiittle bit awkward in some places.) Although I know what I’m talking about…and I love speaking in public, I have a hilariously ridiculous fear of being in front of a camera. (There is a reason I am always BEHIND it!!). I ripped the bandaid off, because I’m giving my first FREE webinar next week (you’re invited!!), and I need a bit of practice that was only SLIGHTLY less like talking to myself.  0_o

So, how did it go? 

It went great!!  The audience was small…so it was perfect for making a fool of myself…but I got some likes and gave some great information!! Oh wait…did I mention that I added an additional 50 followers to my Facebook Page, 11 sign ups on the FREE SEO 21 Day Rookie Checklist, and 2 new purchases for the paid course platform?  For a half an hour’s worth of work…I’d say that was PRETTY damn bad ass!!

Alright…so what did I do to get these guys to the broadcast? 

Yesterday, I announced on the Uncork Your Dork FB page the time of the broadcast and the topic I would be going over. In this case, it was How To Create SEO Rich WordPress Blog Posts”, a topic that relates to the course I am currently trying to spread the word about! I boosted the post for $20 (totally optional, but it helped in this case!) for 1 day.  

I mentioned it in a few other FB groups (where it was appropriate) yesterday evening, and again this morning…

I spent the rest of the evening yesterday making a list of bullet points and to-do’s for the webinar. I’ll have the list I created as a download for you below if you’re interested!!

1 hour before the broadcast, I tweeted the event as well as jumped on the FB page and reminded everyone that I would be starting the broadcast in less than an hour!  I posted again 15 minutes before I logged in…and finally, I logged in 5 minutes early to make sure everything was going smoothly and to give people time to pop in and get comfortable.

What would I do differently? 

A FEW things!! When I originally wrote my bullet points, I wrote in lengthy sentences.  I’m a fast reader…but not fast enough in front of a live audience!!  0_0

I would do a bit more promotion. In the future, I will be having these broadcasts once a week, at the same time…so I’ll be promoting them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Other ways to use this platform for business!

1. I am SUPER stoked about this!  Like I said, I plan on doing one a week from now on.   In addition to that, FB allows you to save the video to your phone!   So…I’ve done what ANY entrepreneur would do!!  I’m creating a video library AND starting up a YouTube account! Might as well run with this puppy, huh??  😀

After I have 4 or more videos in the library, I plan on making it an opt in page, in order increase my subscribers!

2. Another reason I’m super stoked about this platform, is it’s availability to segregate audiences!  You can to a Live broadcast on either your Personal page, your business page or your Group page!!  This allows you to post content to a more receptive audience for whatever you might be teaching. For example, if I am trying to get  more of my Facebook page followers into my Group, I will do a teaching video with the Call To Action being “Join Us in the Group!”.  Perhaps the Group might get a more tailored class and pitch on whatever course we have live on the website.  It also give you the opportunity to poll your audiences before hand to see what they might be interested in.

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3. One last…but HUGE thing I noticed, was the traffic increase after the video posted to my business page.  Facebookers have been wining about their lack of traffic for a year or two now…and let me tell you, I think FB heard. Normally, 10 minutes after posting to the page, my posts will have about 50 views.  FOUR minutes after my video went live…it already have 97!  So keep this in mind…Facebook MIGHT be giving precedence to this type of media post as incentive to start focusing on Business Pages again!

Difference between Facebook Live and Periscope. 

Sooo…you’re probably wondering why you should use this platform over Periscope (@girlymcnerdy).  You shouldn’t!! They both have their pros and their cons…and they both speak to different audiences.

Periscope seems to bring in more random traffic.  They don’t have to already follow you in order to find you! (Use hashtags in your title as you would in Twitter so they other Periscopers can find you!)

Both platforms allow the watcher to ask questions and interact with the caster…so that is great!

To me, it feels as though a Facebook audience will be a more established audience.  Yes…watchers can invite others, but for the most part it’s a wonderful way to build and maintain the community you have going on.  Not to mention, when you announce on other social medias that you are going to start a broadcast…you will ABSOLUTELY gain more followers on the page.

Periscope is a bit more of the rando community.  Of course, you’ll get steady followers ready to hear what topic you are going to tackle next…but pretty much anyone can stumble in!  So, like I said, if you are hashtagging and titling your broadcast correctly, this platform is an AWESOME place to pick up some brand new followers!

How to prepare for your broadcast! 

I’ve put together this free download for you!!  It’s ALL of the talking points that I used on my webcast from this morning.  🙂 It includes when I introduced myself, what I did, when I reintroduced myself…because people come in and out of the broadcast, topic, learning points, etc.!  Tailor it to be exactly what you need it to be…and you’ll be golden! Remember…keep your bullet points to 4-6 words!!  Something you can easily glance at…not read.

I also recommend making sure you are in a well-lit area!  Get on the broadcast five minutes early to make sure your lighting works…your audio is good…everyone can access your screen…etc.

Have a plan for your videos!! These are valuable things!! What will you do with them after they are finished?

Whew!!! I think that’s it!!! Get your download below and join us for the next broadcast by joining the Facebook Group!