How To Talk to Strangers: Connecting With Your Perfect Audience

I know it’s last minute…but I have a surprise for ya’ll!!!  In about an hour and 20 minutes, I’m going to start Livestreaming for Day 1 of Uncork Your Dork’s “How to Talk to Strangers: Connecting With Your Perfect Audience”!

How to Build Small business traffic

Everyday, I’m going to chat your ear off about SOME aspect of building your traffic.  My solemn vow to you?  I vow that you will hear AT LEAST one new idea you haven’t heard before every day.

I know…that’s a big promise!!  I know I can back up that promise, though…because I KNOW what I’m talking about 100%.

Everyday, we are kicking off LIVE at 11AM PST…April 25th through April 29th, 2016.

I know not everyone will be able to attend, so I’ve set up a FREE course area for you to sign up in here! Fair warning, though…the course (PDF’s, Video replays and access for as long as the course is up included) will ONLY be free until the end of Friday!!  So, if you want in…don’t procrastinate!!  Click here to get your free access! 

Want to know what the agenda looks like?  🙂

Monday – How the Micro Brand Concept Will Change Your Business

Tuesday – How to balance social media automation and Posting Personally

Wednesday – Incorporating Interactive Media Into Your Traffic Building Plan

Thursday – Building a Fanbase Around Your Brand

Friday – Using Basic SEO to Create a Passive Organic Traffic Recourse

Lookin’ pretty sexy, huh?  Join us on the Facebook Business page to follow along live!

Can’t wait to see you there!!

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PS…the SEO Rookie course is only $37 for another five days!!! If you’ve been thinking about kickin’ it with us in the class and learning how to ORGANICALLY boost your traffic with Google and other search engines…so click the link!! The course will be going up to the full price of $173 on May 1st!!