How Planoly for Instagram Has Saved Time, Money and Increased My Fanbase!

Hola compadres!!! I KNOW it’s not Tuesday, so this post is a little early, but I found the COOLEST tool a few weeks ago, and with some changes they’ve had this week, I thought it was about time to tell you guys about it.
It was LITERALLY a “holy hell, you guys have GOT to see this!” moment.
I’m a HUGE Instagram nerd. Like…HUGE! So a few months ago, when I found, I was super stoked!! The platform was an iOS application that allowed me to schedule my IG posts in advance on my phone! I could pre-write and plan a month of posts and see how they would visually look on my feed.
I didn’t think it could get much better. 😀
Then, enter’s week of re-branding. I got a text this week saying was changing their name to Planoly and adding a few new features. FEW NEW FEATURES MY ASS!!! They’ve moved everything onto the interwebs AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! 
(**Although the Planoly link above IS an affiliate link, I want to assure you of my 150% love for this Platform.  If you have any questions about how this platform works…don’t hesitate to shoot them my way!! And of course, you can ALWAYS just go to directly!**
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Here are 10 ways Planoly has changed my IG marketing campaign in the last week: 

1. Visual Organization – Planoly has allowed me to plan out my future posts! They have a seriously bad ass drag and drop calendar system that allows you to see what images you have planned for which days.  Have a big launch coming up?  Two words…game + changer.


 2. Visual Branding – If EVER read an article about “How to Use Instagram For Business”, you’ve seen the whole “Make your colors uniform and try adding quotes to make everything look streamlined!”  Not going to lie…that is legit advice!  But Planoly has taken it a step farther!  You can now lay out EVERY post in advance to see how they look, and if they work with your brand!  No more posting in the moment and regretting it the next day.  If you are using your IG account for business…you HAVE to be strategic.
use planoly to change your instagram game
3. Pre-Writing posts – This lil’ Planoly trick is a GAME CHANGER and a time saver!!  You can now upload your images and PRE-WRITE your posts!!! I’M USING ALL CAPS BECAUSE I’M FREAKIN’ THE EFF OUT HERE!!  Listen, I hate typing on my phone. The damn thing is glitchy, and half the time I write an epic paragraph, only to realize I typed “taking sexily measures” instead of “taking security measures”.  NO MORE, I say!!!! Now I can pre-write my posts (with character and hashtag count), and fix any typos quickly! Perfection, every time. *le sigh*
planoly for marketing on instagram

4. Responding to Comments – This?  Yeah…THIS might be the only reason you NEED to sign up for this service.  You know from my previous posts, that I’m a STICKLER for keeping a comment conversation going.  Before Planoly, that was SUPER hard to do! You had to be on your phone, or in your Instagram feed…and still, the process was BULKY.  Planoly allows you to see EVERY comment that needs to be responded to in one feed, it automatically pulls up the people you are responding to when you plug in the @ sign, AND it saves you those pesky typos we talked about earlier.  This comment system works more like a blog’s comment area.  A back and forth conversation.

responding to comments using planoly


5. Starred Comments – I’m still figuring out this feature…but the way I’ve used it SO far, is to “star” the comments that have an important ongoing conversation OR comments that I can use later for promotion (with permission, of course).  Instagram is a great marketing platform, BUT it’s NOT consumer based…it’s interaction based!  The starred comments allow you to easily keep track of conversations you want to keep going and stay on top of!


6. Saving Time – Look…we only have 24 hours in a day, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend 3 of those JUST trying to upload, comment and promote one image on my feed.  Planoly has allowed me to everything I used to do…in LITERALLY a quarter of the time.  It took me 15 minutes to upload next week’s images, write next week’s comments and respond to the comments from last night’s posters.  WHAT WILL I DO WITH THE NEXT HOUR AND 45 MINUTES???!!!


7. Marketing like mofo – If you haven’t figured it out from this list yet…let me be clear.  Instagram is a MAGNIFICENT marketing tool!!!!! Up until now, It’s just been a BULKY marketing tool!  Planoly has allowed me to pull my Instagram marketing plan together with my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest plans.  I finally feel like we are one, big happy marketing family.


8. Analytics Overview – I’m sure you all know the importance of analytics.  Hell, you’re on a website dedicated to traffic right now!  😀  The analytics (even the limited information they give with the beginning plan) are fantastic.  You can view faves and comments on pictures in a week, month and year view.  See what’s been your most popular, what’s garnered the most attention, and what has created the most interaction….AND DO IT AGAIN!!
instagram analytics using planoly
9. Upload Images From Desktop – This, for the sake of being transparent, is the feature I’m still trying to incorporate smoothly.  Instagram is an mobile app…so my images are STILL taken with my cell!  For those of you that use Instagram to promote your professional photography websites or those of you who create your images in photoshop…this will be a godsend!! You can now upload your images DIRECTLY from your desktop!!  Talk about a time saver!For those of us that still use Instagram the old fashioned way, it’s still the “texting the computer” or “email yourself” method for us.  Maybe one day they will invent psychic media!!  0_0
10. More of a Social Media Platform – One of the huge things I’ve noticed about Planoly, is that it’s made this social media platform EVEN MORE of a social media. It’s allowed comments to become evergreen, meaning I can go back and easily respond to a comment that was left 10 minutes or 10 days ago.  Setting and forgetting it is no longer as easy as it once was…which means giving even MORE valuable information and getting more readers to your website is easier than ever.

Ready for the sum up?  Planoly is my new bestie (sorry Josh and Conor).  This platform has given me nothing but time, traffic and money since I’ve started using it…and with the new updates, they have FAR surpassed the cost.

High five, Planoly!! Social media awesomeness???  Naaaaaaailed it!!

Instagram has always been a great marketing tool...but Planoly has changed the Instagram game. Here are 10 ways I've used it to get more business on Instagram!  Click the picture to read the article!