The Traffic Building Webinar is Over…

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But you can still get a replay!!

Oh WOW was this a great webinar!! With a packed house and a SUPER great group, I spent an hour and half going through my top 7 UNIQUE tips for building an organic and forced traffic fanbase!

What we touched on:

  • How and why livestreaming and other direct forms of personal marketing are the quickest way to building a PAYING, COMMENTING and OBSESSIVE fanbase!
  • How to use old content to bring in new fans you never knew you had.
  • Why giving away your best material will increase traffic and help you to crate even MORE material.
  • How to create your own “sign spinning fans” that toot your horn, share your content and promote your products.
  • How planned events can TRIPLE your traffic for weeks!
  • THE most important part of writing a blog post. HINT: This will bring in traffic for YEARS.
  • My method of inadvertently getting recommended by the top platforms and building trust with my readers.

It’s only 1 week since the event, but It’s been getting AMAZING feedback!!! So…instead of locking it away in a vault until I decide what to do with it…I’m creating a mini course out of the webinar!!

I’m not JUST including the webinar, though…you’ll get:

  • The entire one and a half hour video course wth everything mentioned above.
  • The Reworked Roadmap - A digital download outlining EXACTLY how I rework content for new audiences. This roadmap can TRIPLE your traffic and sign ups!!
  • The SEO Rookie Workbook - This is a $37 value in the shop!! It will walk you through everything I do to optimize a blog post for Google, help you find the perfect key phrases for each post and WHAT exactly to do with those key phrases!
  • The Goal Setting Traffic Worksheet - I use this worksheet every month to get clear on what my traffic goals are going to be, and assess how I’ve done on my goals from my previous month!
  • BONUS: You’ll also get a replay of the 5 hour live event from April of 2016!! Five days of EVEN MORE traffic building tips!!
  • BONUS: Along with the above bonus replay, you will also get the worksheets and PDF’s for each day!

All of this is ALREADY in the course area ready and waiting for you to get started!!

So who is this mini course for?

  • If you’ve been spinning your wheels posting in Facebook group after Facebook group JUST to try to get a boost of 25 views a day…you’re in the right place.
  • If you’ve been blogging for months and STILL only get small spurts of traffic with the occasional comment…welcome to the fold!
  • Or…if you’re ready to start speaking to more than just a padded empty room (what…that’s what MINE looked like)…then this is where you belong.

With access to THIS much information on traffic, you’ll come out with a list of new methods to direct traffic to your posts consistently…and if you don’t?

There is a 30 Day money back guarantee!

I love this mini-course SOOOOOOO much…that I am giving you a 30 day money back guarantee!!! If this doesn’t change the way you blog, increase your views and improve your bounce rate…I will give you a full refund! No questions asked!!

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The SEO Rookie Course

The SEO Rookie Course was discounted HEAVILY during this webinar, and since I’m a woman of my word…I can’t raise the price (wouldn’t be fair to those who bought!!)  Buuuuuut…you can absolutely still get in on the course with the payment plan!!  For three payments of $70 (or one full payment of $197) you can get the 21 Day SEO Rook Course PLUS as a bonus that is still available, I’ll give you free access to the replay of the Talk to Strangers Webinar.  PLUS…you get ALL of the downloads, all of the PDF’s, all of the videos, all of the monthly SEO chat access….ALL. OF. IT!!!

IF, however, you are still just dipping your toes in…I gotchyer back, jack!  The SEO Rookie Workbook will get you on track to bettering your blog post SEO in a jiffy! It starts you from the basics (key phrase research and link building) and walks you through the perfect optimized blog post.  It’s not QUITE as advanced as the SEO Rookie Course…but it’s a damn deep kiddy pool!!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Look…what it boils down to is that I wanted to THANK YOU for being so amazing!!  The support and amazing feedback I’ve received in the last few days have seriously kicked Uncorked into high gear!!  I’m already planning next month’s SEO webinar!!  (You can sign up early in the sidebar and I’ll shoot you an email reminder the week before we go live!)

If ANY of you have any questions about the workbook, the courses, the blog posts, the livestreams, the downloads…anything!  Just put them in the comment area below!!  I would love to hear from you!


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