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July 6, 2016

First off…I want to give you a HUGE welcome to the Uncork Your Dork family!  I’m so glad to make your seriously awesome acquaintance!

In case you are wondering who I am…my name is Terra Dawn and I’m the founder of the Uncork.

Your Dork blog and Facebook community! I’m a nerd with a bad case of dorkism, a devotee to the Doctor (of the Who variety…not the “Oh dear lord, do I HAVE to pay to have my personal space invaded again?” sort), and a
m hell-bent on getting your traffic, comments and blogging community more active than you’ve ever dreamed!

Although the blog and group focus on creative traffic building through Challenges and events…my passion has always been SEO.  I love trying to unravel the puzzle and play the game of Search Engine tag.

I ALSO understand that a TON of bloggers are JUST jumping into the game…so that’s why I’ve stepped into help!!  Through blog posts, webinars, workbooks, e-books and…of course…challenges, I’m going to try to help you get from SEO square one to SEO square NOW.

I’ve collected all of my favorite resources for you below…so dive in and don’t hesitate to throw any questions you have my way!

Who am I to think I can teach you all this stuff?

Once upon a time, 9 years ago, I owned my own photography business. For 7 over those years, I nestled snug within the first 5-7 results on Page one for Washington DC area wedding photogs.

That’s huge!!!! There were a TON of us over there!! I was featured on The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons (cover and 5 page spread!! What WHAT!!!), TLC (yes…THAT learning channel), Wedding Divas, Style Me Pretty, and countless others. Although I’ve left the brides behind, I’ve kept my obsession with SEO and traffic building no hidden secret.

I’ve spent the last two years helping small businesses grow and double their traffic, customers and knowledge of the SEO and traffic building world.

And what’s more, is I can show you how to do the same thing using the same strategies and techniques I’ve been using for years (with updated algorithms in mind, of course).

I am 110% dedicated to bringing my A-Game for you and rocking your whole damn world with content that is actionable, valuable and (hopefully) downright entertaining.

New to seo and traffic building? check out these posts to get you started! 

I keep EVERY post, funnel, video, and email organized using an amazing free app!!!  

Grab this FREE 30 minute training all about using the Airtable app to keep your life, blog, and business organized!!!  

What you can do now...

Step 1: Join the Online Community! You can ask questions, post your recent blog posts and hob knob with other knobbers! This community is full of likeminded bloggers, looking to kick start their own soap boxes…or help you kick start yours. We are non-salesy, always funsy….and SUPER chillaxed.

Step 2: Creep me on Instagram! I won’t judge! 🙂

I may even creep ya back!

Step 3: Follow me on the Facebook Business page and Periscope (@girlymcnerdy)! I do at least one video a week on both platforms where you can ask me questions and participate in the comment feed!


That was a lot!

I’m seriously impressed you’re still with me all the way down here.

You rock my socks!!

Again, I’m ridiculously stoked to have you as a part of the Uncork Your Dork community and cannot wait to see what you make happen with that blog of yours!

Of course if you have any questions at all, just leave a comment below and I’ll answer you almost immediately!!  No seriously…I’m just sitting here…waiting for you to comment. 

Peace out trouts!!!

  • Quick question for you:

    What’s your take on “repurposing content” by adding a “Related:” in the middle of a blog post or webpage pointing to an old post and doing that like every other new post? Do you feel it would benefit or hurt SEO?

    • Hi again! 🙂 I actually LOVE the idea of repurposing content (I have a few articles specifically on that topic!). One of the things I do in every post is adding that “related” link with a wordpress plugin. I’ve found that this method of interlinking draws attention to other articles on your site and helps to decrease bounce rate.

      Remember, though, the best way to improve your backlinks will ALWAYS be “in content” and with highlighted long tailed key phrases that describe the link! 🙂

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  • Glad I found your blog, very much looking forward to learning more about SEO from you. You have a very entertaining way of writing which is not something you find very often expecially when it comes to SEO. Thank you for taking this different approach and making a not to exciting topic (at least to me) and making it much more interesting.
    The Broke Dad

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