The 5 Tools I Use to Set Up My Automated Social Media Calendar

August 29, 2022

It’s time to automate your social media calendar

I remember when I first started blogging, my posts were purely informational…kinda boring…not ME at all. I began blogging (very short posts) every single day just to get the words outa my head and try to figure out who I was on paper…er…screen? (Don’t forget the mini-journal I gave you in the welcome email! It has a journal attached to it that will get you into the habit of writing a mini paragraph a day, documenting something humorous.)

Don’t lose heart if you read back your work and it just doesn’t sound right. Keep plugging away. Writing takes refinement, repetition and persistence!

Today we are creating your daily routine to tackle all of these.

What to add into your work calendar

So what should we add to your calendar?

  • Days off (most important day! I usually have one a week)
  • Holidays/events that will keep you out of the office
  • Daily social media posts (3 Tweets Daily, 1 Instagram Daily, 2 Facebook Posts, 3 Pins a week)
  • Any launches you have in the works
  • Your office hours
  • Exercise and breaks
  • Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Product Creation

Of course, there will be days when things come up, stuff gets added and unexpected diary gnomes appear in the yogurt bin the fridge. You just can’t help these things! But having an established agenda will help you create the humor habits we are talking about AND know where to pick up when your work ethic slacks off.

Using Canva to Illustrate

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve created your free account in Canva. I HIGHLY recommend signing up for a business account, which will allow you to set your brand colors, save templates to more than just the two file folders the free account gives you, and best of all…allows you to upload your primary business fonts to use on your templates.

I’m telling your right now, this is the one tool that pulled my entire brand together in less than a week (and I’ve been an advanced Photoshop user for nearly 15 years!).

Even if you decide to NOT go the paid route, get all signed in to canva. You’ll need to have you HEX# colors for your brand available. I recommend keeping these somewhere you can access them easily, all the time! (I scotch taped them to my lapdesk…#rememberthatonetimeIgotanumberwrong?).

You’re going to want to create a Blog Image (the primary image that represents your blog posts) in each color, a Twitter template in each color, a Pinterest template in each color and a Facebook template in each color. These are what you’ll use across your social media platforms to represent your brand!

Remember what I said about using branded images? Make sure your images work well with the colors you’ve chosen…and make sure you are using your business fonts! These two picks are ACTUALLY more important than using your logo on anything.

From now on, each time you need to create a new image, you’ll just use this template and adjust the title.

Tools to Automate the Funny

Next, I’m going to over all of the tools you’ll need to make this amazing calendar happen! (A few of these are affiliate links…but I freakin’ LOVE every one of these guys. We are bros. Besties. Luvahs.

SiteGround - I’ve been through EVERY website hosting service known to man. GoDaddy’s bimbo brigade, Bluehost, HostGator, Dreamhost and I’m sure a few more. To me….hosting sites are like banks. Kind of necessary…but kind of bastards. Then stepped in SiteGround. Dear LORD I love those people! It’s like having a tech crew on hand 24/7! If I have a hosting issue, or even just a question…it’s answered (or fixed for me) in about 5 minutes.

The time they’ve saved me over the last year has been worth their weight in gold.

Canva - I’ve pretty much waxed poetic on this one for the last two emails…but I’ve got more in my bag of glitter glue sticks. Canva, in a nut shell, is a brand manager. It keeps your marketing and designs all in one place…and all looking shiny and gorgeous. This is an absolutely necessity…even if your a self proclaimed PicMonkey Pro.

Airtable - SERIOUSLY??? If you haven’t started using this system yet…you’re just being dumb. I’ve told you about five times now, it’s free, and it’s a game changer!!! Go. Sign. Up. NOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!

This is one of those tools that can REVOLUTIONIZE the way your business is structured and organized.  If you’d like to take your training a little farther, check out this free 30 minute training! 

ConvertKit - Kinda like my web hosting platforms, I’ve been through the hamster wheel of email platforms. In fact, up until 6 months ago, I BARELY new how email worked! Between automations, blasts, and the lists themselves, I was a mess. I was sending the same emails multiple times to my readers. I wasn’t sending weekly emails. I simply wanted to send an email to anyone who had clicked a certain link. *sigh*

Quite frankly…email could bite me.

Then came ConvertKit. LITERALLY, within a week I had an email system in place that was EASY to understand, did ten times more than any other system I’d ever used…and just made sense to me as a sub blogging platform. My sign ups, traffic to the blog and sales have quadrupled since signing up with these guys. I’m never looking back on this one.

Social Warfare - When I first downloaded Social Warfare, I thought to myself “this looks like the rest of the social bars at the bottom of blog posts…why don’t I just grab a free plugin?” That question was answered when a post when viral THAT WEEK. Social Warfare keeps all of your posts branded across every platform and easily shareable. What makes this one different? Customizable text, baby!! After I write each post, I fill in my social warfare plugin with the exact image I want shared across every platform AND the text I want shared with it? I’ve been able to create tweet’s that praise a post…and words that seem to come directly from the person tweeting them.

Tailwind - What can I say about TailWind? It’s taken hours out of my week and years off my business life. Tailwind has the ability to automatically post to group boards as well as repost older pins to your boards…all while deleting pins that haven’t received a whole lot of attention. A ton of my older pins have garnered thousands of new views for my blog post…and the whole system only requires about 10 minutes of maintenance a month.

Yep. Not a typo.

All of these tools are used for the automation and creation of an easier work weak…which means your brain won’t be SO exhausted at the end of a day…which also means your humor will be on point, even when things ain’t so humorous.

Create Your Calendar in Airtable

WHEW! Alright…so FINALLY it’s time to put all of this information into action! Open up the Airtable website/mac desktop app and create a new base! Call it something like “Weekly Agenda” or “It’s Been Brough-ten”.

Across the top of your agenda, you’ll create the columns “Task”, “Due”, “Category”, and “Notes”.

Task = Sing Line Text

Due = Date Field

Category = Single Select (Social Media, Product Launch, Event, Blog Post, Etc)

Notes = Long text Field

Then, down the left-hand column, you’ll plug in as many of the bullet points I mentioned above that you can! Figure out what time you want to start work, when you can realistically end your day, events, product launches, etc!

After you’ve plugged in everything, set dates for the month, classified your category and added any notes you need to about launches or how many times to schedule social media…you’ll want to view your final calendar!

Click the “View” arrow in the upper left-hand corner and select “Calendar”. This will show everything with a date in one calendar. Make it a habit to log into your Airtable calendar every morning to see what tasks you have for the day.

If you don’t think you have time to get your business all set up and organized (my sister said it took her a whole day to get her biz spreadsheet happy!), check out the Airtable Hub Club!  It includes links and full setups to every spreadsheet I’ve been using in my own business for over a year…and it’s super easy to copy over!

    • Definitely focus on groups and “looping”! I use the “scheduling” tool to post in groups throughout the day. I think I’m around 200 pins a day and that’s really started making a difference in the traffic I see to the blog.

      I also try to have AT LEAST 3 different pins active per blog post. 🙂

    • I totally thought the same thing about ConvertKit, Tiana! 100% worth it, though. My increased sign ups and sales have made up for it. 🙂 Three months ago, my list was around 300…now I’m over 1500 and growing everyday. I give ConvertKit a LOT of credit for it…not all of it, but understanding how my email lists work and should be organized has definitely been key.

  • What an awesome post. I’ve been struggling with how to come up with a plan to better manage all of the social media that I do use and keep it all organized.

  • Such an awesome post! I have never heard of Airtable before, I’m definitely going to have to check it out! ‘ve recently started using Canva for business and Boardbooster and I’m in love! I’m still struggling with social media scheduling, but Boarbooster makes things a lot easier (at least with Pinterest!).

    • Amen to Boardbooster!!! It’s one of my besties!! It works quietly in the background…and I loooove it. 😀 I used Canva for a year or so….and didn’t think I needed to upgrade to business, but it’s one of the best decisions I ever made!!

      You’ll LOVE Airtable!!! Enjoy!!!

  • This is a great list! Should I confess I had never even heard of Airtable? Nope, I’m not admitting it! Thank you so much! Very valuable post! I’m sharing 🙂

  • I’m learning bit by bit. Just looking at all the things you use overwhelms me, but if I can piece things together bit by bit, I know it can be a amazing! Thanks!

    • Start with Airtable, Brittany!! It will help you lay out exactly what you want to promote, when, and on which days. 🙂 After that, it’s just a matter of automating everything with all of the other tools. Let me know if you have any questions as you go along!

  • Wow this is great.. Have to admit, I’ve never heard of convertkit. Darren Rowse is always bringing up coschedule and it looks by the comments I need to get on that train too. Thanks for the review!

    • If you ONLY try two on the list…I would say Airtable and ConvertKit. Those two have LITERALLY been business game changers for me. I kid you not when I say I was completely dumb in the ways of e-mail just five months ago. ConvertKit is so easy and does so much more for my subscribers…it’s ridonculous. (And Airtable…well…it’s free and amazing and ORGANIZE ALL THE THIIIIIIIINGS!!!!!)

  • I haven’t heard of Airtable or Social Warfare. I will have to check them out. I need to get a handle on creating a plan/schedule for social media and Airtable might just be the trick. Social Warfare sounds promising and something I have been searching for this last week.

  • Oh wow, this is absolutely AWESOME!!! I’ve never heard of ConvertKit before, but I reeeeally need to start working on my email list! Honestly though, my blog is still over at blogger-and I think it’s high time I figure out how to make the transfer over to WP! Thanks for sharing <3

  • Super helpful post! I’m a big believer in Canva as well, such a simple yet elegant way to spruce up photos. I haven’t checked out Airtable yet, sounds like it’s awesome though.

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