Let’s pretend you’ve put together an amazing audience, epic downloads, a stronger brand and organized schedules.  Let’s pretend you’ve REALLY got your digital shit together…and the final piece of your puzzle is going to be making sure your perfect audience can FIND your perfect product at the exact moment they need it!  So how do we go about making this magic happen? Let’s FIND out. (Yes…I said that like the Tootsie Pop owl.)

Find Out Where Your Customers Hang Out

Once you know WHO your customer is, how the hell do you find them? Here are the top five ways I use to find my perfect customer.

  1. Facebook Groups - Don’t roll your eyes at me!!! I’m not talking about robo posting for crap traffic! Look…in order to make sure your niche or product is even VIABLE or needed, you need to make sure you have an audience already asking for it! So, what I recommend doing a quick search on Facebook for groups that have been created around your topic. How big are the groups? If you can only find 1, and if it’s only around 150 people strong AND stagnant…you’re idea might not be one that is needed.If, however, the group has strong numbers and people are posting daily with questions and help…you’re idea has a built in audience already!!! That’s wonderful! These groups are GREAT to join and participate in! NO…..you can’t go in and poach their members (That’s just mean and spammy and you’ll get kicked out super fast!) BUT you CAN participate in the conversations and give as much information as you possibly can! If you prove your worth to the group, fellow members will start headed to your blog and business to see who the hell you are! This is GREAT organic and relevant traffic for your audience.
  2. Pinterest - I freakin’ love Pinterest. I’m sure you’ve heard this same sentence from a ton of other bloggers…but “Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest these days!” If you blog about cooking, content creation or cats eating pie…there is an audience on Pinterest for you!The keys to Pinterest are:
    a) Follow other Pinners who are in your niche.
    b) Create BRANDED and BEAUTIFUL pins that lead back to your blog posts and products.
    c) Make sure you are using great SEO practices in your pins and blog posts! They are connected and pinners will find you based on your keywords!
    d) Join and participate in groups that include pinners in your niche.
  3. Google Search - Create a list of search phrases that you can use for your small business. When you get that together, head over to Google search and plug those search phrases in! This gives you two great venues for customer information! The first area you’ll look at is the search results. How strong were the results? Specifically, you’ll want to take a look at your competition as well as any forums or social media pages. These will give you an idea of where, on the interwebs, your customers are hanging out.In the example below, you can see that (if you were selling a Unicorns & Glitter journal) your customers will be hanging out on Zazzle, Etsy, Amazon (and some weird digital journaling site).
    The second area you’ll want to take a look at is at the very bottom of the screen. Scroll aaaaaaaaaaall the way down until you get to the little blue suggestions at the bottom of the screen. These are search terms that other people have used and which are probably related to what you are trying to build an audience for! These terms might give you an even better direction to turn to for your product and post promotions!
  4. Your Competition - One thing you’ll need to do, as a business owner, is get creepy. It’s time to start stalkin’! If your niche is strong, you should be able to think of, at least, 3-4 names of your competition. These are people who teach the same things you teach and who are teaching to the same audience you are teaching to. Stalk them on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, their homes…kidding. Don’t get THAT creepy. I don’t want to get a call from the cops saying that you said “Terra said to put the lotion on skin!!”But you should absolutely be online stalking them! In fact, if you can take it one step farther and reach out to them…you’ll be EVEN better off! When entrepreneurs team up to kick ass together, they end up sharing audiences, double traffic and making even more sales. If your competition offers a product that relates well to your products or posts…you might offer to promote their work in exchange for their promotion of yours.
  5. Forums - Hang out in the forums!! If there are forums or threads in forums (like Reddit) about your topic, you’re golden!! Create your account and jump into the deep in! Start answering questions and getting attention through SHEER badassery! These forums are FULL of people already looking for answers to problems that you are solving!! Give them as much as you possibly can, and they’ll start figuring out where to get more of you.
  6. YouTube - Youtube is OWNED by Google…and it’s a great way to see what other business folks in your niche are talking about as well as what their viewers think about it! If the video has a crap ton of views and great comments…this is probably a great topic for creating a post or a product around! Also, pay attention to the comments below the video (not the trolls, though…trolls are stupid). Sometimes, the commenters ask GREAT questions that will get you moving in the right direction.
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Strong Blog Post SEO

I promise…I won’t wax poetic about my love for SEO here, but anyone who knows me, knows my obsession. Out of everything we are talking about here, Search Engine Optimization is the ONLY method that truly connects your perfect (before unknown) readers with the product or post you are putting out there.

SEO is the art creating posts and pages in a way that get found in search engines. For example, if your customer is looking for “blueberry dog shampoo”, the top hits are going to be for Amazon listings, pet stores in the area of the person performing the search, and blog posts. If you sell your product through Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, etc…your search results will most likely show up at the top of the page!

If you are a blogger, you’ll be able optimize your page to show up in the results as well. Want some quick SEO tips? Be sure to download the 21 steps to optimizing your blog post!

Ok…nap time. I need a nap. A seriously long nap. Like…an 8 hour nap.

Hasta la pasta!!

Terra Dawn

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