Why You Should be Launching a Free Blog Challenge

I’ll be honest with you, launching a free blog challenge has never been on my to do list. Three months ago…my full attention was on how to increase traffic and how to at least START to see a trickle of consistent income come in.  I was on all of the social media’s, every Facebook Group…and pinning like a mad woman, and there WAS a bump!!  I was seeing about 6,000 in traffic a month, but I was working my ass off!!

Then, in August, I took a challenge from another blogger.  I’ll be honest…it didn’t do much for me.  It was 7 days of regurgitated information, no actual help from the blogger, and no promised outcome.  Like any business person worth their salt, I thought “I can do this…and I can do this better.”

SO, I started planning my own 12 day challenge…and 2 days before launch, I decided to make it a 30 Day Challenge.

I was determined to give my readers the absolute BEST advice I could, set goals and meet them, and create totally new (and seriously awesome) new lines of products to bring in income.

I quickly learned that launching a NON-bullshit challenge was one of the best venues to find my perfect audience and create sales.

To date, I’ve launched three new challenges, created 12 new products and have added over one thousand new subscribers to my list. Oh!  And I’ve also brought in a little over three thousand…WITHOUT creating a cray launch schedule!

So why do these challenges convert so well? 

First off, any challenge you launch should be on a very niche topic.  My first challenge, “Talk Wordy To Me: 30 Days to Write Funny”, brought in over 200 new subscribers to Uncork Your Dork. The course isn’t for people trying to learn how to write…it’s for people trying to spice up the writing they are already doing! Through email AND the Facebook group, I started collecting some pretty amazing testimonials AND affiliates (but I’ll get intot that below).

I was able to get feedback, see what was working and what needed to be adjusted. (A LOT in both categories.)

By the time I was ready to launch my next course, my first course had buit up a following…and I was able to open the doors as an evergreen course.  The first launch let me KNOW there was a market for the topic.

Now when the FREE 14 day challenge re-launches in November, it will launching to an already built fanbase.

Moral to this story, owning your niche means money…and creating challenges have allowed me to VERY QUICKLY dip my toe into various niches to see how warm the water is! Out of the four challenges I have planned and written, each launch picks up speed and gives me VERY straight forward statistics to the topics popularity.

5 Ways A Challenge Will Increase Traffic

Challenges DON’T just bring in traffic on the initial launch, with the methods I teach…we actually create FOUR DIFFERENT, evergreen traffic streams.

  1. Your FREE Launch Traffic - When you initially open the doors, you’ll be launching to your social media and established audience…like the subscribers you already have.  You’ll also start laying the ground work for creating evergreen traffic…like pins which lead to the course page!
  2. Your Course Traffic - After your challenge has been created, launched and closed…you’ll have the option of keeping it open for paying customers.  These means that the traffic you are STILL sending to your closed challenge isn’t wasted traffic! They can EASILY be converted into paying customers.
  3. Your Digital Product Traffic - The great thing about creating SO much content in 30 days, is that you have a TON of content to turn into various other traffic streams!  Thing blog posts, e-books, swipe files, PDF’s, videos, etc!
  4. Your “Sign Me  Up For the Next One” Traffic - On every sales page, I’ve found telling your reader WHEN the course will launch again next (once or twice a year is perfect…go for scarcity!) AND giving them a link to sign up to be notified helps build your list of interested subscribers in that topic!
  5. Community Traffic - One of things I go over in the Challenge to Profit Course is how to build an INCREDIBLY active community around your topic! Accepting a challenge is all about defeating your businesses demons…and how FUN is it to beat your demons with other demon beaters??!!!  (Don’t tell me that sentence wasn’t fun.)
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4 Ways It Will Automate Your Income

Affiliate Links in the course - Affiliate links are tricky…since there’s a certain bit of psychology and trust that goes along with them, BUT, done in the right way and with full transparency…you can do VERY well with affilliate links in a challenge!! Think about it!!  You are offering a mini-course to readers on a specific topic.  If you are an affiliate for a product that fits in PERFECTLY with what you are teaching…showing your readers the advantages of using said product is practically a no brainer!

Products - Creating challenge content means you are creating THE BEST content for your challenge takers.  Your best content, can be re-used in blog posts, e-books and even video series!

Evergreen course - I launched the 30 Day Challenges knowing FULL WELL, that there was a chance my readers would lose interest after 10-12 days.  Being a business owner is time consuming…and no one’s got time fo that shit! BUT, I’ve been lucky.  My readers have been enthusiastic from day 1 to day 31!!  Will I be launching MORE 30 Day challenges?  HELL NO!! Why?

The ONLY reason I created the challenges in a 30 day format, was because I KNEW what I wanted to get from them in the end.  I knew I wanted:

  • a 14 Day free challenge I could AUTOMATICALLY launch ever 5 months
  • a 14 Day Challenge people could purchase and access immediately if they didn’t want the content dripped.
  • a full 30 day mini-course they could purchase if they want even MORE information.
  • and an e-book

Over the last two months and three days, I’ve written over 93,000 words…and that doesn’t include the newsletters and blog posts I’ve been putting out.  I. Am. Exhausted. BUT, in February of next year, I’ll have four amazing and automated challenges and more than 6 revenue streams for each.

Affiliates FOR the Course - Finally, affiliates!! The wonderfully thing about launching an evergreen course as a challenge first, is that you pick up some AMAZING affiliates and challenge fans!! With over 10 affiliates already in place for three of the challenges, when they relaunch next year…I’ll have new sources of sales and word of mouth advertising!


It’s taken me nearly 3 months to figure out what I’m doing with these bad boys…from creation to the launch to profit, it’s been an adventure!  With my numbers in sales and traffic growing every day, I thought it might be time to show you guys how I’m doing it all!! Join me on November 19th, I’m hosting a webinar that will go over the top 5 steps to launching your OWN challenge, blowing up your traffic analytics, and kickstarting your new revenue streams.  The webinar is totally free…and I love to see you guys there!!

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to lay an INCREDIBLY healthy and profitable foundation for 2017.
  • How to find a niched challenge topic that will help you focus on your ideal audience.
  • The tools you’ll need to create, host, launch and profit from your challenge.
  • The one process that will actually get your readers LOOKING for your lessons every day.
  • How I gained over 600 new subscribers in the last 8 weeks.
  • How to create the perfect Welcome Sequence to keep your readers excited for Day 1.
  • How to monetize your challenge and create an income long after the challenge is over.
  • PLUS Live Q&A after the webinar!

“Challenge to Profit: 5 Steps to Launch a Challenge, Blow Up Your Traffic, and Kickstart Your Revenue Streams”


In August of 2016, I decided to launch a challenge...And exactly two challenges and two months later, I'm connecting with more bloggers than I can imagine, making daily sales that pay my rent, and have 8 new INCREDIBLY successful income streams.

Join me on November 19th and let me show you how I did it.

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