The Free 2017 Business Blogging Planner 

Early in March of 2016…I launched the 2016 Small Business Blogging Planner.  Over the last 8 months, it’s gone from a trickle of excitement to a surge of over 350 subscribers!!  SO, I decided to spit shine this bad boy up and launch a BRAND NEW VERSION for the new year.  With over 30 pages of goal planning, niching and customer pain points…my goal is for your business to be organized and simplified by next year, and damn it…I want to be a part of it!!

Who is This Business Blogging Planner For? 

This planner is for bloggers and small businesses in the beginning of the planning stages. SO, if you are trying to kick your brand up a notch, figure out who your customer is, plan your blog posts or even launch your first product…this planner is PERFECT for getting the details worked out and your master productivity plan in place.

Small business is tough…so I REALLY focused on simplifying the processes and hitting all of the important parts. I designed each worksheet to be 110% USEFUL…and not just a waste of digital space.

What’s In the Business Blogging Planner

Ready for the good stuff? Want to know what’s IN this bad boy?  GODO!! Because I worked SUPER hard on it and I can’t wait to show you!!

Your Brand, Your Story 

In “Your Brand, Your Story” we go over some SERIOUSLY intense questions OTHER than your brand colors and logo.  I ask the hard questions. The questions that you NEED to ask in order to get across to your readers WHY you do what you do and WHAT you do!

Knowing Your Customer 

In this section, we talk about who exactly your customer is. I help you niche down exactly who it is you’re talking to and what you expect from them. We go over your customer’s process from finding you, to finding your product, to coming back for more.

Find Your Writing Style 

This business blogging planner IS for Bloggers, you know. Writers by profession!  So how do YOU stand out in your niche?  What makes you different from all of the other writers in your niche?  This worksheet works to help you find your unique style and work to enhance it over time.

Plan Your Posts 

Once you have your style roughly figured out, you’ll want to get some amazing content under your belt!! Use this section to plan out both your promotional posts as well as your blog posts. This section includes a planning worksheet and a calendar to get everything all laid out!

Plan Your Promos

When you are a small business, promotions are the driving force of your traffic!  In this section we lay it all out.  We figure out when your posts will happen and their topics will be.  I’ve also included a separate calendar for this section to keep your thoughts organized!

Plan Your Newsletters

Next up in order of importance…NEWSLETTERS!!  EVERY time I send a newsletter, I get a surge of new sign ups and traffic to events, posts and downloads…so NEVER underestimate the list you already have! In this section, we plan out your newsletters, dates and topics (keeping in mind the posts and social media you’ve planned out in the previous section.)

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Launch Your Product

In this section, I give you a calendar that I’ve used on previous launches to plan my social media and blog posts before I launch an event, product or free download!

Your Goals 

In this last section, I wanted to give you an outlet to lay out and really plan your goals.  You can use this worksheet for your daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly goals!!  It even includes a reward!

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You want it?  You got it!!  Simple fill in your info below, watch for an email in your inbox…and white list the email afterwards!!  I have SO many goodies for your, it’s ridonculous.


Get your year together!


Back and spit shined after popular demand, the 2017 Blogger's Business Planner of Kickassery is 30 pages of goal setting, traffic planning, product launch awesome-sauce.