Join the Challenge to Profit Webinar on February 18th and Challenge Your Traffic in 2017! 

2016 was a weird year.  A lot of pretty craptastic things happened…and a lot of seriously amaze-balls, awesome-sauce stuff squeezed it’s way in.  I don’t know about you guys…but I am FULLY determined to make 2017 freakin’ fantastic.

In March of 2016, I started Uncork Your Dork, and within 3 months of launching…I was already seeing around 4 thousand peeps a month to the blog…and within five months, the blog hit 6,000.

By the end of August…I saw my traffic plateau.  That 6K seemed to be the magic number…and I didn’t like it.  I decided I needed to figure out WHAT to do to get it to surge again.  In 2016, I’d tried courses (they were great…but I hadn’t narrowed my audience or really figured out what the point of my blog was).  I tried writing blog posts everyday.  I tried sending emails.  ALL of things helped and were what allowed me to hit that July kickassery…but what was I supposed to do now?

  • I’m betting there is MORE than just a few of you in the same boat that I found myself in.
  • You’re spending a TON of time on social media, doing the door to door “do you want to buy my cookies?”  thing.
  • Your spending money on ads that don’t seem to be doing much.
  • You’re asking questions in groups like “What is your biggest source of traffic?”
  • You’re blogging like a mad person and creating products like a toothpick factory.

I’m BETTING…that there are more than just a few of you who are looking for that THING that will catch your small business blog on fire.

In September of 2016, I FOUND my thing.  I launched a challenge like NO OTHER PERSON has EVER launched a challenge!!  I created an event that helped me create 16 ASTOUNDINGLY strong revenue streams.  I created an event that tripled the traffic to my blog…and best yet?  I created an event that has allowed me to reach over two thousand new subscribers in three months.

On February 18th, I want to show you how I did it!!  Join me at 11AM on February 18th for the Challenge to Profit webinar…and I’ll show you how you can EASILY get your 2017 started off with surges of traffic and the next step on your income ladder!  It’s completely free.  The information is going to be SUPER fun and SUPER actionable.


What will you be learning? 

  • How to lay an INCREDIBLY healthy and profitable foundation for 2017.  
  • How to find a niched challenge topic that will help you focus on your ideal audience. 
  • The tools you’ll need to create, host, launch and profit from your challenge. 
  • The one process that will actually get your readers LOOKING for your lessons every day. 
  • How I gained over 2000 new subscribers in the last 12 weeks. 
  • How to create the perfect Welcome Sequence to keep your readers excited for Day 1. 
  • How to monetize your challenge and create an income long after the challenge is over. 
  • PLUS Live Q&A after the webinar! 

Want to know what the challengees are saying? 

“First of all, thank you for making the content that you do. I have been looking for exactly what you are providing. I started your “Talk Wordy to Me” course two days ago and I am already 58% done. I’ve revamped my About page, finally settled on a color and font, and even started writing my own coursework now. I was so unsure of where to start but I felt like I was on the right path. I emailed a few other bloggers for mentorship and even joined a paying membership-based group. All either ignored me or strung me along. You have been able to provide me the guidance and help I needed not just a few tips.” - Sahara Page of 

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“Each of the challenges that Terra does helps me see my business with fresh eyes and a new perspective, all while enjoying her subtle (or not so subtle) humor throughout. Her challenge on writing with humor helped me realize my style of funny and how to continue building on that with my writing, all while having fun with it. Her challenge on creating digital downloads has been essential to where I’ve been wanting to take my business for months. I had been searching for the perfect course to explain how to create digital downloads for my business, from initial thought to the actual release date. Her challenge was the one to answer all my questions, explain it to me in easy terms, all while giving me action steps to take each day. I’ll be releasing my first digital downloads in the coming months and I’m super excited to see how my business grows from there! If you like clear cut challenges and courses, with practical action steps and easy to understand explanations, all while enjoying a light and funny atmosphere, then I guarantee that you’ll love Terra’s courses!” - Leisl Greathouse of

I am SO incredibly stoked to share all of this information with you!!  I’ve been shocked and over the moon with my own results…and my process is SO easy, that I know you will be too!!

I can’t wait to see you all on February 18th!!  I’ll send an email your way the day before we go live…and of course right before the webinar starts, so make sure you white list after you sign up.

The webinar WILL be available for 48 hours after it’s over, so if you can’t make it…sign up anyways!!  I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have via email after it’s finished! 


This webinar WILL change your business…so click the image and get signed up!