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SOOOOO MANY GOOD THINGS IN ONE PLACE!!! Alright…so you know when you THINK you have something amazing, but then time passes, you learn a lot of new shit, and you realize you can make that amazing thing EVEN MORE AMAZINGER!!!!!????

Yeah…that’s what I did.  About five months ago, I created a download library.  I used the simple WordPress framework to get it all put together.  I was proud of it, but looking back…it feels a little slap dash and rough.

The Download Library Thought Process

Looking back on the worksheets and workbooks, they were GREAT at the time. But as a more mature blogger (psh…), I can see now that the worksheets were lacking.  They were ok for a second, but they didn’t have any REAL lasting value.  No one was going to print those bad boys out and keep them next to their desks for reference.

Originally, I created the library with ONE password…which worked FINE when I had no idea what I was doing with my email lists.  Once THOSE were organized and working for me…I realized that I needed to know who was downloading which download…in order to see what topics they were interested in!!

I toyed with creating a download library for each topic…but in the end, I realized that would make for some crazy promos. SO, I made the decision to put EACH opt-in behind an email address.  Each download funnels into ONE of FOUR email sequences, which you don’t get if you’ve already gotten before.  So far so good!!! Not a single complaint!!!  Woot!!

So, what I did do about my sub-par downloads and download library?  I. Made. THIS. (Hear the angel’s sing…).

Not gonna lie…I’m a SUPER proud web page mamma. Even better?  EVERY SINGLE DOWNLOAD is amazing. Not a single one is cookie cutter.  Not a SINGLE one is verbal vomit that you’ve seen a thousand times on Pinterest.  I use them in own business so every download is based on successes I’ve had finding answers.

I’m putting together a tech training to show you EXACTLY how I created this beautiful page…from downloads to funnels to the page itself!!  🙂 If you want in when it’s done, sign up here!

A lot is being spit shined and polished for re-release in 2017!! What’s in the works in 2017 for Uncork Your Dork? 

The Challenge Creators Toolkit 

If you’re interested in learning HOW I put together all of these challenges each month, you’re in luck!!!  I’m currently in the process of putting together an EPIC online toolkit that includes downloads created to help you find your topic and set your length, setting your challenge launch and income goals, organizing your lessons, and a monetization plan!  I’ll also be including a replay of the Webinar I’ll be hosting on November 19th, 2016!!!  It’s going to be pretty awesome, so make sure you sign up for the webinar, and I’ll shoot you over free access to the kit when it’s ready!


The Challenge to Profit Course: How to Launch a Challenge That Triples Traffic and Creates New Revenue Streams

In December, I’ll be PRE-LAUNCHING Uncork Your Dork’s NEW course!!  It will ONLY be released twice a year…and it’s on a topic I’ve become INCREDIBLY passionate about! When I launched my 4 challenges at the end of this year, I had NO idea what I was walking into!  120 Days later, 2,000 subscribers added, and over $4,000 in increased revenue…my mind is blown and I’m ready to show you how I did it!! (Join the webinar above to have a chance to grab FREE challenge creation tips and the course for 75% off during the pre-launch!!

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The Talk Wordy to Me E-Book - 12 Days to Finding Your Blogging Voice 

Oh…I am SO excited about this!!! The “Talk Wordy to Me” e-book walks you through my 12 TOP steps to finding your unique blogging voice!  It’s 80 pages of concise, actionable advice to help you find your funny bone and connect with your audience and customers! It will include private access to the Talk Wordy Workbook as well…so yay for more stuff!!  It will be released both digitally as well as in a hard copy version!

The book is in the editing phase right now…so if you want to be notified of it’s launch date, click the image and you’ll be the first to get an email!

RE-LAUNCHES of the Talk Wordy, Digital Downloads, SEO and Get Organized Challenges!!! 

JUUUUUUST in case you haven’t heard, this past year has been insane!! I’ve launched FOUR challenges to help bloggers get their shit together, and we are NOT talking 7 days of 15o word emails here, people!!  Each challenge was 30 days of lessons, downloads, videos and community! We talked about email lists, writing style, SEO and (my personal favorite) organizing your behind the scenes. The challenges are ALMOST over (the last one’s in December!), but I plan on re-launching them in 2017!!  AND?  I plan on launching them EVEN BIGGER than 2016.  Get on the list to be notified of their next launch dates, OR get access to the full courses now!  Click the image below for more information.  🙂

A Facelift for the Video Library

Finally?  The Video Library!!!  This has been a part of Uncork Your Dork for a looooong time and it’s time for a bit of a Facelift.  Although the information is great, her eyes a little puffy and she’s wearing a mumu.  0_0

I’m taking the FREE Video Library up to the next level next year…and bringing it into the realm of “cool”.  I’ll be focusing on videos SPECIFICALLY dedicated to helping you improve your SEO through traffic, blogging and organizing your small business.

And so much MORE!!!!  

(Are you as tired as I am yet?)  I’m pretty stoked and am trying to bust as much of this out as I can before the New Year…so get on that list to be notified for everything! We are talking some business changing shite here, people!

What are YOU guys working to get finished before we wipe the slates clean and start kicking ass in 2017??  I’d love to hear below!!! (Leave links so I can check it all out!!) 

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From creating the downloads to creating the download library...and even organizing the email funnels...this Download Library Workshop will be SUPER amazing! I'll announce the release date in early sign up to be notified!

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