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How To Keep Your Next Launch Organized and Simplified

January 22, 2017

keep your next launch organized

If launching a product, course or challenge has always seemed like a daunting process...I'm here to show you how to keep your next launch organized! When I first launched a product (it was a WILDLY unsuccessful e-book) I jumped in completely stoked and with a launch calendar to rival ALL launch calendars. BUT, I what I DIDN'T jump in with was the right mindset.

I thought that, because I had everything I SHOULD be doing written down on a calendar, launching my product would be a complete no brainer. Having a great launch calendar and amazing intentions is absolutely important...but more than anything, you have to be ready to create habits and set daily expectations.

Why are habits so important? Because I've found that, in order for me to REALLY get the little stuff done...I have to feel TERRIBLE about not doing it. A habit does exactly that. It creates an emotion and a sort of automation behind a task.

So how do create habits? You are going schedule a time to do the SAME thing every single day...and just as importantly, you're going to review the goals you've set for yourselves. THESE are the emotions and the reasons you are trying to build these habits in the first place!


I'm partial to physical know, old archaic paper planners with sticky notes? But I'm going to show you two different methods to plan your launch, keeping you organized on the go OR sitting in front of your TV watching Pitch Perfect for the 500th time.

You won't need ALL of these things!! Determine whether digital or paper is the way to go for you...and stick with one method.


Wall Calendar (My above calendar is from Paper Source) - $25

Half Sticky Notes (Staples or Walgreens) - $4

Pens, Pencils and Highlighters

Washi Tape (Etsy, Michaels, etc.)


Airtable is a FREE spreadsheet system that can actually turn your fields into a calendar, making this an AMAZING system to organize your launch info and links...AND keep track of when certain tasks are due! 

What to include in each calendar

I'm going to go into detail in the below videos about how EXACTLY to create your launch calendars using both methods...but across the board there are a few dates and tasks you need to have ready and written down before you get started!! (This assumes you've already created a sign up page using your newsletter platform!)

  • Launch Dates
  • Open Doors
  • Closed Doors 
  • Pinterest creation/posting (How many a day and what days)
  • Blog Posts (3x's)
  • Checklist of places you will advertise for free (sidebars, welcome mat, blog posts) and the days you will get those put up AND taken down.
  • Posting in Facebook Groups everyday
  • Scheduled Tweets in MeetEdgar or daily manual posts
  • Paid advertising start date and kill date
  • Instagram live dates and times
  • Facebook Livestreams dates and times
  • Instagram Posts - 1 daily
  • Instagram challenge - 5-7 posts
  • Newsletters - Dates and times
  • Guest Posts - 3x's
  • Webinars (if you plan to do them)
  • Sales dates for related products (full courses, etc.)
  • Finally,  YOUR GOALS! You'll need your traffic #'s, your sign up goal #'s, & your sales goal #'s!

Make sure you are including ANY social medias that YOU love!! Don't waste time where your perfect challenge takers are NOT hanging out. If your jam is "YouTube", make sure you are adding those video dates to your calendar!

"Airtable is a FREE spreadsheet system that can actually turn your fields into a calendar, making this an AMAZING system to organize your launch info and links."

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creating your calendar: 

When you are ready to start creating your preferred method of launch calendar, find a quiet space to work!! Organizing all of these tasks is SUPER easy to screw up with dogs barking, kids asking questions, and multi-tasking going on.  It will take you ONLY around 1 hour to get this done...but it will save you SO much time and sanity when your launch week gets here!

I also recommend having fun with this process!!  Create a calendar that you enjoy looking at every day! Make sure you are adding in AT LEAST one day for down time.  Sure, launches are NUTS, but not including time for you to rest and keep your head on straight can create HUGE problems for you in the future.  Find one day in the middle of your launch, where you can focus on JUST yourself.

IF you're worried about losing steam on those days...remember, a LOT of your calendar should be automated!!  Just make sure you've got those social media posts written in advance!!  If there is something that HAS to be done by hand, schedule to spend $30 working with a VA that day who can take care of your business maintenance for a day and give you peace of mind.

Have any questions about how your launch calendar works?  Post them below!!  I'd love to hear what you are most concerned with keeping organized during YOUR next (or first) launch! What have you struggled with in the past?

  • Organization is definitely key to staying on your A+ game with this internet business stuff. It’s so easy to get cluttered up and unorganized.

    Quick question for you…

    How many times a week do you blog? 🙂

    • Hi Drew! I blog about once (or sometimes twice) a week. I use a lot of pre-written content from my challenges and courses in addition to a TON of new stuff! This particular post is straight out of the Challenge to Profit course launching in February. 🙂 I’m putting up a post tomorrow, however, that is brand spankin’ new!

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