​I’m going to make his one short and sweet!!!  😀

This morning we are launching a SERIOUSLY awesome giveaway just for you guys!!  Abby and Donnie Lawson from Just A Girl and Her Blog and I have teamed up to give you guys EVERYTHING you need to ​start livestreaming and video recording directly to your blog readers and challenge takers!

What’s included? 

The Challenge to Profit Course - Challenges don’t have to be JUST a traffic generator!  They can also be an income provider!! In this course, I walk you through 30 lessons (videos, downloads, lessons and the Facebook community are included!) that show you how to create, promote, launch and profit from your FREE blogging challenge.

Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook and Course - Abby and Donnie are polishing and re-releasing their Ultimate Blogging Handbook on March 7th….and the winner gets access to the sweet new deal!!  It will include the book along with the ultimate blogging course!  “Building a Framework” walks you through setting up your blogging business the right way…the first time.  Even if you’re a seasoned blogger…this book and course has something you need!

“No Digity, No Doubt: 30 Days to Epic Downloads and Understanding Your Email List” - ​Newsletters can be hard!!!  I’m not EVEN going to deny that.  SO, in this course, I walk you through creating downloads your readers NEED all the way through organizing your weekly newsletter emails and understanding your newsletter platform! You’ll get access to the lessons, downloads, videos and online community! 

“Launch your First Introductory Product” - This new course is launching the last week in February…and you’ll be first to get access to it!!  In this mini-course, we’ll brainstorm your first introductory product, how to incorporate it into your blogging framework and business, and how to begin to profit from it!

A 19″ Aura Ring light + Light Stand - GAH!  I love this thing!! A ring light is amazing for skin tone and keeping you well lit for your livestreams, Youtube videos, challenge lesson videos and more!! It’s invaluable for looking professional and gorgeous. I will also be including a light stand, so that you can get to recording the second you take this bad boy out of the box!

BENKS Lazy Bracket Mobile Stand - This is my second bestie in digital life. This bendy mobile device clamp holds your cell phone or ipod in the perfect position for livestreaming or recording desktop video!

What do you have to do? 

Sign up below OR click here…and simply share the giveaway on social media to get 3 more entries for each referral!! You’ll want to confirm your entry in your inbox to make it legit. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

When will the winner be announced and notified? 

​The winner will be announced on Saturday morning on February 18th! I’ll announce it inside the Challenge to Profit webinar…as well as notify the winner via email.  

Immediate access give to any UCYD course or product. 

March 7th - Access given to the Just a Girl and Her Blog “Building a Blogging Framework Ultimate Handbook and Course” 

The lighting and stands will be sent within 24 hours of the winner’s announcement. 

If you have any questions about the giveaway or any of the prizes listed…simply reply to this email!

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Terra Dawn