There’s this kid named Eugene, probably around 17-18ish, who works at the CVS next to my building. We see each other PROBABLY on a daily basis.  (CVS is my go-to for a chocolate fix.) Up until a week ago, Eugene and I had a routine. I’d walk in, he’d smile and wave and say “YOU’RE BACK!!!”.  I’d say “CHOCOLAAAAAAT!!!”…and I’d head towards the snack isle.

After I’d picked my snack or drink of choice, I’d head over to the register line and wait to be checked out. As I made my way, slow step by slow step, towards the register…it was inevitable that I’d hear Eugene repeating SOME silly joke he’d heard, asking some general question about the use of a product “Have a clogged drain, huh??  THAT SUCKS!!” or teasing a customer about some inside joke they shared.

As a customer, I never felt rushed…but I never felt held up either.  Eugene was a bright spot in a generally busy and quiet day.

Yesterday, I walked into CVS and Eugene was standing at his normal spot behind the register at the front.  We made eye contact…and without smiling Eugene said “Welcome to CVS.”

I thought it was weird, but assumed he was simply having “one of those days”.  I made my way to the drink aisle, grabbed a water and headed back up to the front.

There was a customer in front of me, so I waited patiently, listening to their back and forth.

“Hey there.  How are you doing today?”, Eugene asked in a voice that seemed…well…sad.

“Fine.” The customer placed her knee bandage and kitchen sponges on the counter and shifted to the credit card payment machine.

“Would you like a bag?” Eugene asked.

“Yes, please.”

Eugene complied.  Within a minute, the woman had her bag of life necessities and was gone.

As I had stood there, a line of 6 or 7 new customers had formed behind me.  I replaced the earlier customer in front of Eugene and placed my bottle of water on the counter.

“Hey Eugene!!  How’s it going!?”  I said with a big smile…knowing we’d have a short, but enthusiastic conversation about daily life.

“Good.  Just trying to keep the line moving.  Keeping conversation to a minimum.” He smiled, to let me know it wasn’t anything I’d done.  He was simply following store policy.

“Thanks. Have a great rest of your evening…”  I said, giving him a “you got this” smile as I grabbed my water and walked towards out the door.

Eugene was being pushed down by “the man”.

So, why did I tell you this story?  As I walked back to my apartment, I realized that Eugene had made me more sad than I had been in a long time.  This poor kid, who’d always been so happy and welcoming, seemed to be going through that inevitable moment in a 9-5, when you get wrangled in and pushed into place like a peg in a board.

I don’t know if he’ll pull through…I just know that there are three ways he will potentially go. Maybe he’ll spend the rest of his life working jobs that check his personality, and tell him to “take it down a notch”.  Maybe he’ll FINALLY find a job that allows him to do what he loves and work under someone who can use his wonderfully outgoing personality.  OR…maybe he’ll fall in love with a business idea and forge his own path in the world of endless possibilities.

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No matter which path he chooses, I hope he finds happiness with what he does.  I hope he doesn’t settle.

Most of us have already been through what Eugene is going through.  We’ve been teenagers.  We’ve worked at Radio Shack, Toys R’ Us or Burger King.  We’ve hated our bosses.  Had drinks with our co-workers. And been forced to watch hours of cheesy training videos recorded in the 90’s.

We are adults now with passions and goals, and we are DETERMINED to spend our lives doing what we love…not being forced into a little box, pre-decorated by corporate. We are in a scary place…but SUCH a great one. Corporate couldn’t PAY me enough to give this up.

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