If it’s one thing I know…it’s how to spend a LOT of money trying to figure out how to increase my blog’s traffic.  

Whether it’s through courses, webinars, ebooks or workbooks…I’ve spent money on ALL of it.  It HASN’T all been bad advice either!! Most of that paid advice has helped me get to where I am today!!

  • 10+ years of blogging…
  • Making almost $5K a month and growing…
  • An amazing community…
  • And projects in the works that I ACTUALLY lose sleep over. (In a good way.)

ONE of the projects that I’m freaking OVER THE MOON to launch is the “Blogger’s Guide To” membership site! It’s brand spankin’ new…and the membership site already has over 30 hours of course content and a shiny new forum spit shined and set up just for members! Actually, aside from content being added on the weekly from now on…the only thing we are waiting on are the gorgeous logos and final branding!

Why do I think this Membership Site is so important? 

I, like most business owners, am ADD when it comes to products.  I’m OBSESSED with giving the most in depth answers to my readers as possible…but after I launch a course (a course that I am INSANELY proud of) I’m ready to move onto my next big idea.  Those amazing courses often fall to the wayside for the soul reason that I don’t have the time (or patience) to launch it again!

My focus in EVERYTHING I do with UCYD has always been in the Traffic arena.  Whether is was SEO, launching a challenge or polishing a writing style…my goal has ALWAYS been to help bloggers increase their traffic.  SO, instead of launching and moving on…I’ve decided to continue with my love of creating courses…but I’m going to be putting them all into ONE area!!

Every course, training, download or forum thread (well ALMOST every forum thread) will be dedicated to helping members learn:

  • WHO your perfect customers are…
  • WHAT the difference is between the various types of traffic you can attract is…
  • WHEN the best time to use certain social medias and communication platforms is…
  • WHERE to find your perfect customers…
  • WHY choosing certain platforms over others benefits your business…
  • and, of course, HOW to use various social media platforms…

We talk about product launches and how to increase traffic during these incredibly focused times…and I make sure you’ve got a place to vent and ask your questions EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

There’s an old saying…”You get what you pay for…”.  

In this case, you get WAAAAAAAAY more.  I’m giving you the kit n’ caboodle for the SOUL reason that it’s easier for me. I know…that sounds a little harsh.  But it’s also completely true.  These are courses, challenges and trainings that I want ALL of my readers to be able to be a part of…not just when they happen to have a spare $500 laying around.

So how much DOES it cost?  When we launch at the end of June, everyone who signs up will get access to the ENTIRE Membership Site FREE for 15 days.  There won’t be a corner of the site off limits to you.  In addition, you can pause or cancel your membership DIRECTLY from your Member Dashboard!  It is SERIOUSLY as easy as a click. Your dashboard ALSO gives you the date of your next (or first) charge…NO MATH NEEDED!! (You KNOW I’m a fan of THAT feature…Math can bite me).

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After your free period, you’ll be charged $47 a month.  No hidden fees.  No sign ups fees.  (I sound like a bank.  *shivers*)

What else is included? 

Watch the video above for the FULL tour, but members will get access to:

The Course Area (We are talking FULL 30 day courses with videos, downloads, and more)

The Live Trainings Area - This area is dedicated to all of the live events we’ve had…and WILL have for members! We’ll be scheduling info-webinars at least once a month for you guys with guest speakers!

The Quick Fix Area - This area is dedicated to helping you polish off your site and traffic game with small wins.  This is where you’ll figure out how to embed and keyword YouTube videos, use the Yoast plugin, Create a Download Library, Create a visual sales funnel and MORE!  We have over 75 videos in the works!

The Community - This is a forum area JUST for you guys! You can ask questions, show of, post worries and wins, and see what other techniques bloggers are using to increase their OWN traffic!

The Resources - This is the area where you’ll find ALL of the amazing downloads UCYD and “The Bloggers Guide To…” membership site have to offer!  We are talking planners, checklists, workbooks, ebooks and more!

Anything else? 

Uh….YEAH???  One of my FAVORITE features of the new membership are the email you get!  Every two weeks, I’ll send you an email with a two week traffic calendar inside.  Each month, the calendars will have a new theme. Month 1 is dedicated to repurposing your older content to increase traffic through social media and SEO!

Along with these two week calendars, you’ll also get a detailed checklist of everything you need to do on a day to day basis!!  I literally break the daily calendars down for you in easy to tick off action steps.

Want to test out this feature before launch!!  Sign up to be notified when doors open, and I’ll send you a copy of the week one calendars and checklist RIGHT NOW!!

What are it’s future plans? 


  • We are adding a full course detailing exactly how we designed and launched the membership site in less than a month.
  • We are adding five new trainings on branding your social media platforms, easily turning your Pinterest account into a business account, how to read your analytics page in Google, how to register your URL for Google, and how to keyword your YouTube videos!
  • We are updating the membership site with our first ever Membership tour!!  We will have our branding in place and everything will be off to a roaring start!

In case you can’t tell…I am SOOOOOOO excited to get this launched and in your hands!!! It’s so much more than I thought I could even do…and it’s going to be growing every single month.

SO, to get on the list for the 15 day trial (and get your first week of traffic calendars) just click this link and enter your deets! I’ll let you know the SECOND we open the doors to the public…and you’ll get first dibs!

Have a question about the membership site?  Post it below or send an email to terradawn@uncorkyourdork.com!