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Livestream and Loving It: How to kick ass on your perfect platform

June 14, 2017

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Let’s talk about Livestreaming platforms, shall we?  Going forward, I’ll primarily be referring to Facebook as the Platform of choice…BUT, there are two other big players (and an unknown third) that we should absolutely be talking about.

Both Instagram and YouTube have INCREDIBLY strong traffic generating abilities…so if Facebook isn’t your thang…it’s ok!!  Your audience may be chilling on one of these other platforms instead!


Facebook is KNOWN for being on the cutting age of technology, social media trends, and even the news these days.  So, when Livestreaming platforms like Periscope and SnapChat took off in 2016, they VERY quickly began the launch process of their own system.

Because its integration into a (most likely) already built audience, Facebook Live has shot WAY ahead of it’s competition.

You success on Facebook Live is going to depend heavily on an algorithm (which we’ll go over in great detail), so taking time to understand what you’re jumping into is a MUST.  Don’t be afraid of the word algorithm, though!!!  I’ll be walking you through some best practices that pretty much go hand in hand to hoist you to the top of the rankings.

Facebook is unique for businesses, in the fact that you can have a personal account, business info page, AND community (Facebook Groups) all dedicated to YOUR business and brand! This holds true for Livestreaming as well.  Anytime you’re ready to create a livestream, you can choose to stream to any of those audiences alone. THIS makes connecting with your audience SO much easier.

This course is ALL about this platform…so we won’t go into TOO much detail here.


Instagram is the platform of choice for MOST photographers, creatives and visual bloggers.  It’s a home away from home for fashion designers, pet lovers, foodies and writers.  A picture is worth a thousand words…and Instagram makes that GLARINGLY obvious.

BUT, much like photos straight from the world of Harry Potter, Instagram is harnessing the art of the moving picture.  (Alright…alright.  I’ll stop being vague.  Instagram NOW has an “Instagram Live” platform that works in conjunction with the users still photo stream.  (This makes sense, since IG is owned by FB!)

The HUGE difference between IG Live and Facebook Livestreams, however, is that IG Live videos disappear INSTANTLY after your video is over!


It does…KINDA.  Instagram live wasn’t built to engage an audience AFTER you are done with your chatting…it was created to keep your followers IN the moment! If you want to create a video to stick around, create an Instagram Story instead!

To get to your Instagram Live settings page, you’ll go to your Instagram main feed. This is the feed that shows ALL of the images of the peeps you’re following! From there, you’ll simply swipe right to get to the camera area.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the “live” option, the “normal” option, the “boomerang” option, “Rewind” and “hands free”.

Obvi…you’ll want to select the Live button.

BEFORE you hit the live button, you’ll need to:

  1. Finish this course (inside of the Wham! Bam! Business Plan! membership), since I’ll be giving you an idea of how to structure what you’re going to be talking about.
  2. Make sure the camera is facing YOU.  Hit that “recycle” looking button to the right of the “Start Your Live Video” button.
  3. Make sure your lighting is fab!! Sit next to a window to get a gorgeous natural light.

Your live videos can be as long as you’d like…so make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re going to say and what you want your audience to DO!!


YouTube is THE largest video hosting platform around…so it’s not surprising that this Google owned platform quickly followed social media suite and jumped into the live arena. Although you’ve been able to use the platform to create webinars and events for a few years now…Google has FINALLY given users the ability to Livestream directly to their followers from their cell phones and mobile devices.

Before you start your livestream, make sure you:

  1. Put your phone in airplane mode + enable wifi access!! This means you can still go live to your audience…but you won’t be interrupted by phone calls and texts.
  2. Again, make sure your audience can see you! Sit by the window and make sure your lighting is nice and soft.

I’ll be updating this area with the algorithm information and best practices when it becomes available!

To access this feature…you’ll simply open the app on your phone, hit the video button at the top of the screen and choose “live video” instead of the “video” option.

Livestreaming Platforms in General (like Periscope)

Finally, I want to talk about the platforms that haven’t even come out yet.  Video is the way of the future…so more and more NEW platforms are coming out yearly that focus on video messaging…and MOST of them have a live feature.

Think the know defunkt Periscope!  The social app market is a difficult one to thrive in, but occasionally one will make the cut.  If you can really keep track of the market…and get in on the platform EARLY, there is a chance you can build a pretty large audience!!  This method of social media success was made famous by entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuck…who makes it a mission to test almost every sm app that shows it’s face in the app marketplace.

SO…with all of these in place, let’s actually move onto REALLY understanding you’ll be talking to…and what you’ll be saying to really help them take action!


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