What is anchor? 

Alrighty guys…here’s the skinny!!  Anchor.fm is the new app on the block, allowing you to upload 5 minute “podcasts” to your own mini-radio station. (LITERALLY couldn’t find the 5 minute rule anywhere on the site.  I figured it out by getting cut off mid sentence twice.) Think about it kiiiiiiinda like Snapchat for audio.  Initially, your “broadcasts” are saved to your “station” and are then archived after 24 hours.

I know!!  Shitty, right??  Have no fear.  The amazing folks at anchor have given you your VERY own Podcast list!!  You can turn ANY of those broadcasts into episodes which stay permanently inside of your public playlist…ready for anyone to catch up on.  (GOOD!!  Because I’m creating an epic station of traffic building tips and I don’t want you guys to miss out!) .

What are the rules of anchor? 

The connection cuts off after 5 minutes…saving your audio to that point and prompting you to give it a name.  I HIGHLY recommend anchoring when you can pay attention to your phone.  Soooo…NOT in a car.

Have a plan before you jump in!! Introduce yourself in your first podcast, but BECAUSE there are only five minutes to each cast…have an idea what you’re going to blab about!  Head over to your blog to get some ideas for new content!

Be sure you give your audience a next step.  What link should they click to get more.

Be themed!!  A lot like blogging…you’ll need to really work towards connecting with a certain audience.  Stick with a theme to connect all of your broadcasts!  For example…if you’re a beauty blogger, stick with skin and cosmetics and hair!  Don’t deviate into weight fashion.

Try to be consistent. Your readers will want to hear what you have to say!! If you say you’ll be streaming every day or even every Wednesday…make sure you show up.

What are the benefits of anchor? 

Podcasting!  Your broadcasts are SO similar to podcasts, that Anchor has taken them ONE step farther.  Once you’ve turned a broadcast into an episode…you can click a button and have it automatically be sent to the top Podcasting systems on the interwebs! Even better…you can update the cover and episode information directly from anchor.fm….and they’ll update your podcasts across the board!

A more relaxed atmosphere – Traditional podcasting usually involves a professional mic and 30-40 minutes of talk time planned out. With anchor.fm, you LITERALLY have your phone…and five minutes.  This means you can talk while walking, doing the dishes, waiting for a bus…anytime…anywhere.

Interviews made easy! – One of my FAVORITE features, that I can’t wait to try, is the phone call interview!!  When you are ready to create a broadcast interview, simple open the app and call the person you want to speak to.  The will pick up BOTH ends of the conversation and record everything for your future Episode and Podcast! PS…interviews are NOT limited to the 5 minutes!  You can go up to 4 hours with them!

PEOPLE CAN “CALL IN”!!!!  – OMG….this is so cool.  Just like a regular radio show, people can “call in” and ask the host questions!!  So, urge your listeners to call in with questions at the end of every episode!! It’s super cool!

Is anchor just another social media fad? 

In all honesty…only the shadow knows for sure.  Social medias, generally have SUCH a short lifespan that trying to predict their success rate is impossible.  The platform DOES have it’s pros and it’s CONS, though.

I truly believe limited the casts to 5 minutes is going to be an inhibitor.  The ability to create a Podcast THIS quickly loses a little luster when you realize the podcasts are INCREDIBLY limited in time. BUT, creating five minute webisodes that are easily digestible MIGHT be the wave of the future.

Then again. they could get bought out by Apple or Facebook any day now…and it’s be the last we see of the fair, Anchor.fm.

Is anchor.fm replacing the podcast? 

Nope!!  Not in my opinion…not even close.  I LOOOOOOVE driving to…well..wherever it is I’m driving to…and listening to lengthy conversations, explanations, interviews and stories.  Being jarred out of them every 5 minutes would be incredibly irritating. SO…while I DO believe the “anchor” has a place NEXT to the Podcast, I don’t believe we’ll be saying goodbye to those bad boys anytime soon.

How can you use anchor.fm in YOUR business? 

Ah….THE question!!  The platform is still new, but I can already think of a few different things you can do to use this platform to better your traffic.

Idea #1: Start a series.  Plan out an anchor a day…themed around a series of posts on your blog.  For example, if you are an interior designer…dedicate the month of August to teaching followers about the basics of organizing a room for kids.

Idea #2: If you have an epic list post or ebook that breaks down a solution, for example “40 Unconventional Tips to Increase Your Traffic“, you can spend five minutes expanding on each individual tip!  Tell your readers where to click for more!

Idea #3: To be continued. Tell stories!!  Captivate your audience and give them something to tune into the next day.

Alrighty guys…this is a BRAND NEW platform, so I know there are going to be a TON of updates to this post.  If you have any suggestions or anything to add…post in the comments!!  In addition, if you create your OWN station, tell us what it’s about and give us a link!

Wanna get even MORE tips and tricks for traffic building?? Join me over at Anchor.fm and hit the “star” button to get updates whenever I post a new broadcast! 

What is anchor.fm?  Is this new broadcasting app replacing the podcast?  In this post, I go over WHAT anchor.fm is and how you can use it to increase your blog's traffic!