Here’s a little bit of a confession. I’ve spent the majority of 2017 learning how to communicate with my readers. Whether I’ve been working on my sales pitch, working on an ANTI sales pitch or even just figuring out how to talk in an email.  Communication has been my struggle.

A few months ago, I discovered a technique that literally CHANGED the way my products and message convert…AND the way my customers see me.  THIS. IS. HUGE.

It sounds like a simple premise, but I learned that…on average, ONE solution (blog post, course, ebook, etc) MIGHT actually have 3-4 different customers!  Let me explain…

Let’s take my audience.  My audience is made up of new and seasoned bloggers who are interested in trying to overcome a traffic block…or who simply need to figure out the next level of traffic building.  SO, I created “The Blogger’s Guide to Traffic” Membership Site. It covers everything from Social Media to SEO to Influencer Marketing. Iiiiiiiiit’s pretty awesome.

I digress, though. This ONE solution was originally geared towards bloggers.  All bloggers need traffic…therefor all bloggers need my solution.

WRONG.  I was CONSTANTLY getting questions like “Is this for beginners?”, “I need traffic yesterday…are the solutions going to work fast, or build over time?”  Turns out…I had FOUR different types of customers needing my single solutions!

I am SUPER excited to teach this simple, four minute method to you guys…but unfortunately it’s going to take a bit longer than a 1,000 word post..  (We’re almost to five hundred words already!!).

SO…I’m holding a webinar on Saturday, August 26th at 11am PST!! I’ll be breaking down this game changing method for you guys…in addition to diving deeper into niching down.



The Basics of Niching Down : Lesson #1

Niching IS a super pillar rule to building a strong business…so for those who are new, or simply a little bit lost, I’ll spend the first 15 minutes going over WHAT a niche is and HOW to find yours.

Working Backwards, From Solution to Message: Lesson #2

Most bloggers make the mistake of working TOWARDS a larger audience or increased traffic. Instead…they should be working from the solution. More than anything else…they should working FROM the value. In this portion of the webinar, we’ll be going over how to brainstorm a solution that blows minds.

Bucketing Your Audience: Lesson #3

Finally, we can get to the meat of the matter!! In this last 30 minutes, we’ll go over HOW you can separate your audience for ONE solution, into four different messages. I’ll go over the five second step to get you there…and how you can use your results to create a PERSONAL feeling with your readers.

If you guys have ANY questions before we jump on this live webinar, be sure to shoot them my way!! I would LOVE to answer them on air for you!!

The Segmenting For Sign Ups Webinar

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

@ 11am PST