Why are Blog Traffic Goals so important?

Taking an hour out of each month to take a look at your “big” blog traffic goals picture is PARAMOUNT to increasing your traffic in upcoming months.  It helps you cut out systems that are time wasters, save money on useless tools, and see what REALLY worked so that you can make a plan to do it again!!

On the first of every month, I’ll go live in the Facebook group to for the UCYD Goal Digger’s session!!  We’ll focus on assessing the previous month, setting goals for the new month, and learning a brand new form of traffic building to keep our digital brand fresh and in front of our perfect audiences.

How setting Blog Traffic Goals works:

So, originally when we were planning these “Goal Digger” sessions, we were going to make the replays ONLY available for members!  BUT, I think they are way too cool to keep locked up.  SO…from now on, following each session, I’ll be posting the replays here!! They will be on Private pages, so you’ll still need to sign up for the session to grab access…

Good news is, once you sign up ONCE, you’ll be signed up for replays of every session going forward!!

Back on September 1st, we had an AMAZING session where we set our September Goals, talked about how we did in August…and got in depth about Influencer Marketing, one of the QUICKEST ways to build a dedicated audience.

Watch the replay below and grab the Workbook by hitting the big pink button below!!

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blog traffic goals

Is your traffic plan ready for October??  NO????  Let's get that fixed!! Join m on the first of every month for this free goal setting session and learn a little about community building!