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If you don’t have these…you don’t have a successful business blog…

October 3, 2017

She Owns a Successful Business Blog

World? Meet Maggie. (Don’t you just love the name Maggie?) .

Maggie is a stay at home mom to an AMAZING 4 year old son who thinks he’s Batman. (Although I’m pretty sure Maggie’s the superhero in this story.)

Every day, Maggie wakes up at 7am (because Batman is lovingly trying to stick string cheese up her nose) to get coffee started, breakfast made, superheros dressed and sales accounts scanned. She MIGHT be a stay at home mom…but Maggie. Makes. Bank.

In the AFTERNOON, Maggie puts Batman down for a nap and hunkers down for some well deserved time alone with her laptop. It’s time to catch up on emails, do a quick livestream in the FB group, create a new download for her course launch in two weeks, and get some funnel emails fleshed out.

Mags is a successful stay at home mom BLOGGER, and although she still has PLENTY of crazy days in her schedule…the majority of them look exactly like this. She’s succeeded through creating a structure, learning new systems to put in place, and focusing on her community.

This is ACTUALLY really important to break down here!! In order for ANYONE (even someone with an already crazy schedule) to become successful in the blogging world…they’ll need to be hyper focused in these THREE areas.

Creating Structure

Beginning bloggers and experienced authors ALIKE struggle with this one. Tools and systems to organize your business are constantly changing, going out of business, or are breaking onto the scene! Tools like CanvaAsana and MeetEdgar are the cornerstones of MANY small businesses and are constantly getting bombarded with new competition. SO…creating structure can be a bit difficult!

So where can you start?

Start by simply structuring your day! Make a list of daily tasks. What should get done every single day? This list, for the record, should be fairly short. Perhaps 1 or 2 tasks ONLY. The more you fill up your day with the mundane tasks (which you’ll probably be able to automate to a certain extent), the less you’ll have time to focus on projects that REALLY move you forward.

Next, think up 1-2 PASSION projects that will move your business forward in either traffic OR finances. This is SUPER important!!! Passion projects should SCARE you a little bit. They should be something totally new which you are adding to your arsenal. If you don’t get a little knot in your stomach about this new idea…it’s too easy.

When I was first starting out, my passion projects looked like “webinars”, “influencer marketing interviews” and “challenge launches”. Now, they are looking more like “Facebook Ad Funnels” and “Summits”.

Oooo…nervous just thinking about them!!

successful business blog

Learning New Systems

Education in your industry, until the day you retire your blog, should stay front and center on your journey. This could take the form of courses, youtube videos, Facebook Livestreams, free downloads, blog posts…ALL THE THINGS!!!!!! (The Wham! Bam! Business Plan! has over 20 courses, pdfs mini-trainings and more to help you learn on a budget! SUCH a better value for the bucks…don’tcha think??) 

HOWEVER will you keep all of these resources straight??!!

I have a pretty fun suggestion for you. If you haven’t been on the UCYD website long, this will probably be the first time you’ve heard me suggest the website “Airtable“. (It won’t be the last.) Airtable is free system that allows you to create a spreadsheet of…well…anything!! I use it to organize everything from sales page inspiration to free downloads to login information!!

One of the FIRST spreadsheets I recommend you create, is a spreadsheet of educational login information. In my spreadsheet, I keep track of courses, PDF purchases, masterclasses, etc. Anything I’ve purchased goes here with links, login information, the download (if applicable) and a quick description of the topic. As you move forward in your business, you’ll be investing in your education…and keeping track of what you’ve ALREADY invested in can save you time AND money!!

Building Community

Finally, it’s NEVER too soon to start building your community! And before you get all nervous and “OMG…I DON’T WANT TO START A FACEBOOK GROUP!”…let’s talk a little about WHAT a community IS.

A popular opinion on the definition of your community might be, a place where your followers can publicly gather. THIS…IS WRONG!

A community, above everything else, is about giving your followers a VOICE. This can be through Facebook Groups, Livestreams to your business page, forums, chatrooms, and even challenges. A community gives your followers a place to voice their opinions, ask their questions and connect on a more personal level around the topic you’ve begun teaching them.

To create YOUR community, you need to figure out WHAT problem you’re solving and what solution you’re providing. From there, you’ll be able to brainstorm your community…and start down the path of creation! (PS…you might want to determine if creating a FB community makes you nervous because you don’t think you know HOW…or because you don’t think it’s right for you. This MIGHT just be your first passion project!!)

Hit reply to this post and let me know what projects you have in the works!!

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