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Create THE opt-in that will prove to your customers that you respect their time, you know what the hell you are talking about, and you are the best go-to source for their problem. 

Start building a trust worthy business base...and launch your FIRST professional and profitable free e-challenge in 2017!! 

What's included in the e-course? 

In late 2016, I finally hit my groove when I went slightly nuts, an launched 4 month long challenges back to back! It was a crash course in EXACTLY how to create, launch and profit from an e-course....and now, I want to show you how I did it. 

Choosing Your Topic

THIS is the question! In this lesson, we go over 5 different methods to finding your challenge topic! 

Determining Your Length

Your challenge (and even your business's success) can be made or broken by it's length alone...so what length will YOU choose?  

Setting Your Sign Up Goals

Only the most focused and organized challenges will succeed...so in this lesson, we'll set up your sign up goals! It's time to challenge your challenge!

Setting Your Profit Goals

JUST because your challenge is free...doesn't mean you can't profit from it! Are you ready to make the mula? 

3 Amazing Downloads

 In each lesson, you'll get access to one amazing mini-workbook to help you work through that stage of your challenge creation!  

 Paid Only Bonus: 

Access to the Challenge Creator's Toolkit! Six downloads along with a 1 hour webinar replay will get you EVEN closer to your challenge creation! 


What can you achieve with this Challenge 101 ?

Opt-ins are the way ofthe digital world these days. Whether it's workbooks, PDF's, Webinars, Video series or an epic challenge...as a business owner in a digital world, it's your job to create magic and stand out to YOUR audience. 

Creating a challeng to solve a problem for YOUR perfect audience does JUST that! It builds trust faster than any other opt-in, and proves to your audience that YOU are the big wig on your topic. 

2017 can be the year of the "same ol, same ol"...or it can be the year of SO MUCH amazing crazy you don't know which way to turn. It's completely up to you, my friend. 


About the Author

Terra Dawn has been in the blogging world for over 13 years!!! After trudging through years of doing something she absolutely hated, she finally landed in Oz in early 2016 when she created Uncork Your Dork. 

She spends her days, now focusing on writing, creating challenges and courses, and helping small business bloggers find happiness in the blogosphere! 

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