About Terra Dawn and UCYD

Welcome to the Uncork Your Dork blog!!  My name is Terra Dawn (über dork extraordinaire), and I’ve spent the last 15 years blogging and profiting from my online businesses. I started UCYD in January of 2016 to collect all of my traffic building advice in one place.  Since starting the blog, I’ve helped over 10,000 bloggers start, launch and build their OWN blogs and businesses.

The focus of UCYD has quickly gone from simply “how to build traffic” to “how to find your audience and polish your message”.  In the past 15 years, I’ve been featured on The Learning Channel, The Washington Post, Martha Stewart Magazine, The OptimizePress Blog, The Ladyboss Summit, The Brand It Girl Podcast, and SO many more.


Specifically, I help bloggers who are in their first few years of business to REALLY refine their message and build a dedicated audience.  Traffic means NOTHING if that traffic isn’t obsessed with your message and your solution. Through events like the annual Whoosh Workshop, webinars, the Blogger’s Guide to Traffic Membership, and detailed free tools like the “Explode Your Traffic” ebook…I’ve made it my mission to turn YOUR blog into a strong, thriving, and exciting business.


If you’re new to the UCYD community, there are a few articles and steps you should take to REALLY get the most out of the website!!

STEP ONE: Join us in the UCYD Facebook Group!!  It’s time to unleash your inner “dork”, and UCYD is the place to do that!!  The group is free and offers monthly LIVE traffic goal sessions, Sangria Sunday events and a TON of traffic building tips, tricks and conversation goodness.

STEP TWO: Grab the Ebook!  This Ebook lays down, not only a strong traffic building foundation…but slowly starts helping you work towards a strong and consistently growing audience!  Even better?  It’s totally FREE!

STEP THREE:  Check out some of the best articles on the UCYD blog!!

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STEP FOUR: Join the membership!!  For less than ONE hard back book a month, The Blogger’s Guide to Traffic gives you full courses and quick trainings on social media building, writing style, SEO, refining your audience, finding your niche and so much more!!  Immediately upon login, you’ll get access to a FULL three module course walking you through setting up your traffic from beginning…all the way through to profitable end!