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How To Launch A STUNNING Membership Site for Under $200

(This post contains affiliate links…which means, if you choose to check out the systems and PURCHASE, I’ll get a commission.  I ONLY recommend tools and systems I use myself and absolutely adore.) CREATING A MEMBERSHIP SITE ISN’T OUT OF REACH FOR YOU…AT ALL!! HA!!!!!  The world said I couldn’t multi-task…and I said: “WATCH ME!”. Well…sorta. […]

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Step by Step: How to Write This Year’s Business Plan

Create Your 2018 Small Business Plan 2017 was a PRETTY phenomenal year for Uncork Your Dork…and MOST of that was due to an amazing year of plans and STICKING to them. Whether it was goal setting, project planning or daily to-do lists…EVERY morning, I knew what my mission in business was. SO…instead of popping into […]

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Is replacing the Podcast?

What is anchor?  Alrighty guys…here’s the skinny!! is the new app on the block, allowing you to upload 5 minute “podcasts” to your own mini-radio station. (LITERALLY couldn’t find the 5 minute rule anywhere on the site.  I figured it out by getting cut off mid sentence twice.) Think about it kiiiiiiinda like Snapchat […]

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Top Forty (Unconventional) Tips for Traffic Building

Blog Traffic Tips Ebook

Before we begin…THIS is a long ass post, my friends.  It took me four days to write and format.  Now, I’m aware you are a busy, busy blogger…so you probably don’t have time to sit here for an hour and a half reading…AND you probably don’t want to keep this link open in your browser […]

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