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Validating Your Product Ideas

If you’ve ever run a small business, you’ve probably had the “Ah-Ha moment” at every convenient and inconvenient time possible. Do you ever take the time to validate these ah-ha business ideas moments? I once had an “Holy shit, this is the best idea I’ve ever had!!” moment while sitting in the dark during an […]

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering The Office

If you have clutter in your office…there’s an app for that!  Kidding…there isn’t.  BUT there IS a super handy “10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering the Office” quiz you can take!! Spring cleaning, sming cleaning!  It’s winter, and your about to shut up your homes and offices until it’s safe to come out again…so […]

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Organize This: Industry and Customer Contacts

Either you have your industry contacts to organize, or industry organizers to contact…either way I’ve got your back. I’ll get to the whole “organizing your industry contacts” in a second. First, let me preface this by saying…I am socially awkward.  I genuinely hate going to parties of people I’ve never met. We are talking ultimate […]

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10 Unique Steps to Focus in Small Business With ADD

Focus in Small Business: The Focus Fairy Has Officially Screwed Me Since I was a kid, I was always in the “Are you paying attention?” boat (with a ton of other kids).  Our teachers knew what the problem WAS…but they didn’t know the root.  Turns out…it was a damned focus fairy!! I’d start paying attention […]

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4 IOS Apps to Help Eliminate Procrastination In Business

Your Biggest Enemy to procrastination in business is Yourself I don’t know about you (although, I’m fairly sure) but one of my biggest issues has always been procrastination in business.  Personal life “do it now”?  Check. Business life “do it now”?  Maybe later.  0_0 There are three reasons for procrastination in business: 1. You don’t want […]

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6 Simple Steps To Get Your Brand Basics Organized

I know…I know. As a new small business, you are ALL over the place with your brand basics.  You get one thing cleaned up and another mess falls on your plate.  If you start organization from the beginning, though…you’ll be way ahead of the rest! Creating a one stop cheat sheet for your business brand […]

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The 3 Questions That Will Help You Quit The 9 to 5 You Hate

Ready to quit your day job?  Huh? Ready to throw in the towel? Ok…let’s assess this “quit your day job” situation. Everyone has the same reasons for wanting to screw their 9-5…right? 1. Bad working environment. 2. Craptastic pay. 3. Not passionate about what you are doing. 4. You just don’t feel like you are making a […]

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