"Blogger's Guide To..." is a membership program specifically to help you find your ideal audience.  From left field, right and center...blogger's are told "this method is the best method" and "you're doing it wrong if you're not doing this."  What they AREN'T telling you, is that everyone's traffic is different! There are perfect platforms for everyone...but those platforms aren't always Pinterest.

So, the Blogger's Guide To... membership site is my way of giving you access to information (usually behind a $400-$500 money wall).  Each month I'll release new content with new traffic building information.  Whether you need a full course, a quick training or an answer in the forum...I've got your back, Jack.

Get 15 days FREE! And just $36 a month afterwards.

"If anyone out there struggles with making money with their blogs and building their email list, THESE courses are the only courses they need, hands down."

- Miss Hazirah


It starts with the email, friends! Every two weeks, you'll receive an email with a two week calendar of a few tasks you should do every day to stay on traffic track.  In addition to the calendar, you'll also get a detailed checklist breaking down each task on the calendar!

From there, you can click the links to the corresponding trainings, courses, ebooks, worksheets and even forum threads! Each month has a theme such as Pinterest, Launching, Emails, SEO, Repurposing and SO much more!


Who should be a part of the "Blogger's Guide To..." membership site?

If you want to find and learn how to hook YOUR perfect audience, learn new ways of increasing your online reach, and find a marketing plan in line with the way YOU want to run your business..."The Blogger's Guide To..." is perfect for you.



My name is Terra Dawn and I'm an answer addict.  I kid you not!!  I've been obsessed with finding and sharing answers since I was a kid. True story...when I was in First Grade my after school councilor drew me a picture of a dog.  A boy dog.  I made it an anatomically correct boy dog.  Head/desk.

Point is...I love learning, knowing (sometimes), and sharing. Since launching Uncork Your Dork two years ago...I've been dedicated to success for the sole reason that I want to be able to share it with you.

I have a dog that thinks I'm a know it all and a boyfriend that just pets me on the head and says "K. Babe. You do you."  I was born in Texas, raised in VA, schooled in Cali and now reside (FOR-EH-VER) in Seattle.

Get 15 days FREE! And just $36 a month afterwards.

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