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Uncork Your Dork Free Library of Traffic Downloads

Want FREE access to our free Library of Traffic Downloads? It’s been about a week since the Download Library has gone up…and MAN it’s taken off!!  😀  <—-My smiley face since day 1!! For those of you HAVEN’T signed up, I thought I’d give you a little peak at what you are missing!!!  When you […]

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9 Steps to Creating Your Free Downloads Library

Step By Step Guide to Creating a Free Downloads Library Do you ever feel that burn in your butt muscles the day after a REALLY great workout? Yeah…pretty sure my brain muscles are going to be feeling like butt muscles tomorrow morning.  I spent all day fixing a problem that BOTH you and I have […]

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Creating Downloads That Set You Apart

creating fans by creating freebies

Why should you be creating downloads for your followers? To make them fans… What is interactive media?  Interactive media is, simply, media that your readers feel like they can interact with. They can watch it, listen to it, download it and take it with them wherever they go. They can “own” it, in a sense. Think about […]

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