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If you don’t have these…you don’t have a successful business blog…


She Owns a Successful Business Blog World? Meet Maggie. (Don’t you just love the name Maggie?) . Maggie is a stay at home mom to an AMAZING 4 year old son who thinks he’s Batman. (Although I’m pretty sure Maggie’s the superhero in this story.) Every day, Maggie wakes up at 7am (because Batman is lovingly […]

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Is replacing the Podcast?

What is anchor?  Alrighty guys…here’s the skinny!! is the new app on the block, allowing you to upload 5 minute “podcasts” to your own mini-radio station. (LITERALLY couldn’t find the 5 minute rule anywhere on the site.  I figured it out by getting cut off mid sentence twice.) Think about it kiiiiiiinda like Snapchat […]

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THE Three Steps to Scale and Grow Your Business Quickly

how to grow your business

The word “scale”, even outside of the entrepreneurial world, has a TON of different meanings (thanks SO much English language…). Scales for weight, scaling buildings in a single leap, scales on the lizard man, singing your scales….ALL THE SCALES!!!!! One type of scale the “normal folk” don’t use? The business growth scale. Look through your […]

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Your Hustle Sucks: Automating Your Small Business to Save Your Sanity

automate small business

Why Automating Your Small Business Can Save You Time, Money and Sanity The dreaded “hustle”. It’s kind of like every entrepreneur is just….born with it. One day we are sitting on the couch, watching Game of Thrones, drinking wine… THE NEXT MINUTE WE ARE RUSHING TO OUR COMPUTERS TO START WORKING ON THIS EPIC NEW […]

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Join us in The Blogger’s Guide to Traffic and Find Your Fans

how to drive traffic to your blog

If it’s one thing I know…it’s how to drive traffic to your blog and spend a LOT of money doing it.   Whether it’s through courses, webinars, ebooks or workbooks…I’ve spent money on trying to find the answer to the time old blogging conundrum… “How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog”.  It HASN’T all been […]

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5 Small Business Solutions for Finance Scaredy Cats (Like Me)

My Favorite Tools for Making Small Business Finance Fun! If you haven’t been on the blog long, you MIGHT not be aware of my small business story.  In a nutshell…I’ve had TWO successful small businesses and I’ve loved every single minute that I haven’t had to do math. In college (after four years of failing […]

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