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How to Write a Post That Will Increase Sign Ups & Make You Money

We are bombarded by the statistics EVERYWHERE.  “I get 200 newsletter sign ups a day!”  “I make $300 while I sleep…every night”!  “Last month, I earned $9,000 on affiliate marketing ALONE!” You get stoked.  You get signed up.  You create opt-ins….and where does it get you? In a blogging insane asylum.  Lost in the waves […]

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My Webinar Only Had One Attendee…And How I Plan to Profit From It

**These symbols denote an affiliate link. My policy to not recommend ANYTHING that I don’t use and love myself!! So if you ever have questions about an affiliate platform link I’ve provided, don’t hesitate to ask!!** The Story Yesterday (yes….seriously…this happened yesterday) I had a webinar.  I had a webinar that over 150 people signed up […]

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Keeping Your Newsletter Out of Spam Folders

Today, we are going to talk about Keeping Your Newsletter Out of Spam Folders!!! Creating and keeping your newsletter out of spam folders can be a….well…a tricky business!!  Between trying to figure out what to say, HOW to say it to get the most attention, and, most of all, avoiding the Promotions and SPAM minefields…getting […]

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The Best Blogging Video Library On the Internet

This Blogging Video Library is Free…Just For You! There’s no beating around the bush…increasing traffic to your blog, be it n00b or old, is the name of the blogging game.  It’s ALSO one of the most difficult parts of the game to nail down. Sure, you’ve seen a video library before…but I’m telling you RIGHT […]

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The Traffic Building Webinar is Over…

But you can still get a replay!! Oh WOW was this a great webinar!! With a packed house and a SUPER great group, I spent an hour and half going through my top 7 UNIQUE tips for building an organic and forced traffic fanbase! What we touched on: How and why livestreaming and other direct […]

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How Reworking Old Content for a New Audience Can Triple Your Traffic

Reworking Old Content for a New Audience + The Reworking Roadmap Download! When it comes to reworking old content, I’m sure you’ve read every article on “offering free downloads”, “finding your niche”, “write epic posts”, “collect emails”, etc.  You can’t see me right now…but I’m rolling my eyes.  Those kinds of articles are a dime […]

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Uncork Your Dork Free Library of Traffic Downloads

Want FREE access to our free Library of Traffic Downloads? It’s been about a week since the Download Library has gone up…and MAN it’s taken off!!  😀  <—-My smiley face since day 1!! For those of you HAVEN’T signed up, I thought I’d give you a little peak at what you are missing!!!  When you […]

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10 Ways Planoly for Instagram Upped My Instagame

How Planoly for Instagram Has Saved Time, Money and Increased My Fanbase! Hola compadres!!! I KNOW it’s not Tuesday, so this post is a little early, but I found the COOLEST tool a few weeks ago, and with some changes they’ve had this week, I thought it was about time to tell you guys about […]

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