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Do you think your blog could be bringing in WAAAAAAY more traffic than it is?  I think so too!!  For a limited time, I'm opening up the "Blogger's Guide to Traffic" membership site! Join us for a 15 day trial and get access to courses, live trainings and downloads all created to help YOU get more traffic! 


10 Steps to Creating Your Free Downloads Library

Step By Step Guide to Creating a Free Downloads Library Do you ever feel that burn in your butt muscles the day after a REALLY great workout? Yeah…pretty sure my brain muscles are going to be feeling that way tomorrow morning.  I spent all day fixing a problem that BOTH you and I have been […]

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Creating Downloads That Set You Apart

Why should you be creating downloads for your followers? To make them fans… What is interactive media?  Interactive media is, simply, media that your readers feel like they can interact with. They can watch it, listen to it, download it and take it with them wherever they go. They can “own” it, in a sense. Think about […]

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How to Talk to Strangers: Connecting With Your Ideal Audience

How To Talk to Strangers: Connecting With Your Perfect Audience I know it’s last minute…but I have a surprise for ya’ll!!!  In about an hour and 20 minutes, I’m going to start Livestreaming for Day 1 of Uncork Your Dork’s “How to Talk to Strangers: Connecting With Your Perfect Audience”! Everyday, I’m going to chat […]

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How to Use Facebook Live to Increase Your Traffic

I’ll show you how I used the Facebook Live Platform to increase traffic and sales during my first broadcast! I am on SUCH a high right now!! (No…I’m not on the ganga…).  I just finished doing my FIRST EVER Facebook Live broadcast! If I’m being honest?  I only did it to rip the bandaid off! […]

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SEO Rookie: 21 Days to An Optimized Website

The SEO Rookie FREE Email Course Holy shitake mushrooms, Batman!!! It’s here!! It’s finally here!! The SEO Rookie course I’ve been THINKING about doing for two years…fiddling with for the last two months…and FINALLY sitting down and writing 108 pages of is HERE!!! If you’re a small business blogger (or any blogger, really) looking to […]

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Join Our Uncork Your Dork Small Business Facebook Group

If Your Looking For a Small Business Facebook Group That Will Kick You in the Bum… We are KICKIN’ ASS and TAKIN’ DORK HOSTAGES!!  😀 The Facebook group has taken off with a pretty amazing group of people!  Starting this week, I will be hosting a weekly FB live event geared towards moving more traffic […]

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These 7 Bloggers Will Change Your Small Business

These Bloggers Will Change Your Small Business, Your Income, and Your Sanity I get it.  Pinterest is an amazing tool.  I’m as addicted to it as anybody!!!  When I first signed up (back when they were in beta-mode…I feel 80!) I thought “Holy shit!  This is perfect!! I can save all of the articles I […]

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5 Comments That Will Get You Traffic

Looking for comments that will get you traffic on your OWN blog? Contrary to popular belief, most SEO fanatics these days will tell you that leaving a comment on someone else’s blog posts will NOT improve your own inbound links and Google ranking. Most comment areas are automatically coded with a “No Follow” tag…thus rendering the links […]

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The FREE 2016 Mini Business Planner Download

A Business Planner Download…a Gift For Your Kickassery I was trying to do some brainstorming the other night…trying to figure out WHAT my readers REALLY need right now. No…I mean it!  I gave away some pretty awesome freebies last year, but nothing that did better than my 2016 Small Business Planner.  Obviously you guys found that useful, […]

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