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Small Business Facebook Groups

If Your Looking For a Small Business Facebook Group That Will Kick You in the Bum… We are KICKIN’ ASS and TAKIN’ DORK HOSTAGES!!  😀 The Facebook group has taken off with a pretty amazing group of people!  Starting this week, I will be hosting a weekly FB live event geared towards moving more traffic […]

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These 7 Bloggers Will Change Your Small Business

These Bloggers Will Change Your Small Business, Your Income, and Your Sanity I get it.  Pinterest is an amazing tool.  I’m as addicted to it as anybody!!!  When I first signed up (back when they were in beta-mode…I feel 80!) I thought “Holy shit!  This is perfect!! I can save all of the articles I […]

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5 Comments That Will Get You Traffic

traffic with these comment styles

Looking for comments that will get you traffic on your OWN blog? Contrary to popular belief, most SEO fanatics these days will tell you that leaving a comment on someone else’s blog posts will NOT improve your own inbound links and Google ranking. Most comment areas are automatically coded with a “No Follow” tag…thus rendering the links […]

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The FREE 2016 Mini Business Planner Download

free traffic planner download

A Business Planner Download…a Gift For Your Kickassery I was trying to do some brainstorming the other night…trying to figure out WHAT my readers REALLY need right now. No…I mean it!  I gave away some pretty awesome freebies last year, but nothing that did better than my 2016 Small Business Planner.  Obviously you guys found that useful, […]

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Screw You and Your Comment Area Too

Why the Comment Area of Your Blog Drives Me Batshit Fair warning, this is going to be a rant… I LOVE commenting on other blogger’s posts!!  Since it’s EXCELLENT for SEO, I’ve actually incorporated into my daily routine.  Leaving a URL that links to your most recent (or chosen) post is a wundubar way to […]

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How to Increase your Traffic with Proper Keyword Locations

Keyword Locations and How They Impact Your Traffic Hello boys and girls!!! Today…we are talking about keyword locations. Keyword locations play a HUGE part in how Google determines both WHAT your webpage is about as well as how it ranks compared to other webpages of the same the topic! Make sense?  Great!  Shortest blog post […]

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Branding Your Blog With Images

Attracting More Readers With Branded Imagery Are you ready for a simple lesson in reader psychology?  You sure???  It’s a doozy!! Readers read pretty things. 0_0 I know…mind blown. Could it really be as simple as your blog’s photography?  Think about it…when you look through a catalog or go shoping, whether it’s online or at the mall, […]

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WordPress SEO and Spying On Your Competition

 Using WordPress SEO Tricks to spy on your competition WILL help you get the edge on your competition, but read on to see ALL the tips to help you rank on Page 1. Hey guys!!  I have a SPECIAL treat for you guys this week!!  BEEF JERKEY AND FUDGE!!!!!!! Kidding…but not really.  I’m featuring one […]

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Do you need a Brand Aid?: 10 Steps to A Healthy, and Converting Brand

Before We Begin to Brand: I recommend signing up for Pinterest account. It’s a wonderful platform for both generating traffic AND keeping your ideas, articles, branding and other business traffic organized and at your fingertips. (It’s also a great place to get sidetracked…so keep your focus and come back to me!!)  Why is branding important? […]

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Validating Your Product Ideas

If you’ve ever run a small business, you’ve probably had the “Ah-Ha moment” at every convenient and inconvenient time possible. Do you ever take the time to validate these ah-ha business ideas moments? I once had an “Holy shit, this is the best idea I’ve ever had!!” moment while sitting in the dark during an […]

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