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THE SEO ROOKIE BOOK for Small Business



Help Your Online Small Business Get Found…

With these secret SEO Ninja Skills, worksheets and checklists.




What You’ll Get Inside “SEO Rookie Book”:

The SEO Rookie Book is your guide to creating a unique online business that can be easily found by your perfect client. This workbook not just works, but gives you crystal-clear clarity, helps you update each page of your blog and website for perfect and easy to maintain optimiation, stay on track with your goals, and helps you build serious momentum. Which means you’ll go from “I wonder if this will work?” to “Holy shit! This is gonna work!”.


  • The SEO Down-low

The clear and simple rules of the SEO World.  This is the section where I break down what I’m ABOUT to explain into easy to to accomplish bullet point type…things!  This section makes it easier to tackle already created pages and blog posts and assess them to see what needs to be changed.


  • Kickin’ Some Keyword Ass

           You’ll find out how to create lists of Key Phrases, collected from your competition, websites, Google search and other tricks I might have up my sleeve! 


  • Inbound and Outbound Links

In these two sections, I’ll show you my tips and tricks for moving up SUPER fast in the Google-sphere.  How do you get the top websites in your field to recommend your blog posts?  How do you create traffic from MORE than just search results? 


  • Pitfalls of Posts

You can’t know how to succeed until you know how to fail. I’ll show you exactly what NOT to do. What steps are you taking now that are pushing you farther down the ranks of your industry? 


  • How to Keep Your Content Current

Google is ONLY interested in up to date content…so, that should clue you in on this section a little! I’ll show you some simple tricks to keep your pages updated with little to no work…AND how to keep your pages updated with an average amount of work! 


  • Social Media Socialite

I MAY have been watching too much Downton Abbey, but in this section I’ll show you how your social media accounts, branding and following are fitting into the future of SEO.  I’ll also teach you how to make your various corners of the media are up to date and optimized as best as they can be. 


  • The Wonderful World of Slugs

They are slimy but helpful things…and believe it or not, they live in your small business garden JUST as much as they live in your outside garden (eating all your tomatoes…the bastards). In this section, I show you why these little bad boys are one of THE most important components of your website. 



Firstly…I luuuuurve Ninjas.  They are sneaky and productive.  I am sneaky and productive.  We have shite in common.  0_0   In honor of this commonality, I’m giving you some super secret ninja tricks to help you spy on your competition!  If you’ve ever wondered what keywords and phrases they are using, what platforms they are working on, and what plugins are helping them kick some major ass…I gotchyer back!!  It’s all included in this book! 



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