Getting your website in front of the right customer can feel near let me break it down for you...

A long time ago, in a home office far...far away....I was in your shoes. I was spinning my wheels producing a kick-ass product and kick-ass website content. My only problem? No one knew it existed.  

I posted everyday. I tweeted and Facebooked. But minus a the initial social media surge of 50 or so people (and my mother) work just wasn't being found. 

In 2008, I was new to blogging and had HEARD the SEO acronym, but it sounded too complicated.  It sounded TOO time consuming. It sounded too "over my head". 

Luckily though, I got in on the ground floor.  I started reading articles, taking courses, and learning the basics. It also helped that I was a photographer, so the methods I learned were in a saturated industry dedicated to getting my MEDIA in front of a customer. 

I quickly shot to page one for DC wedding photographers, booked 2 years in a advance, and was featured in SUPER cool publications like Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings, and even TLC. 

I may have changed industries...but I've kept up with Google's shenanigans.  In this course, I break down everything I know in easy to chew 21 day bites. 

Learning SEO doesn't HAVE to be scary...

With words like "algorithms", "analytics", and "Penguin" floating's no wonder people are hiding under their Ikea bed frames! This can be SUPER intimidating stuff! (What???...Penguins bite!)

I don't know about you guys, but when Google announces changes in their platform...even I sigh in exasperation!  More learning curves, more numbers, more "hands up in the hair".  

Good news for you, though!  I keep up with it aaaaaall. 


I listen to the Podcasts, read the posts and stay in the loop with the Google announcements.  AND since I'm doing the work anyways, I thought I would put it all together for you in a niiiiiice pretty course of bite sized SEO lessons!  

Each lesson shows you how to chip away at SEO until you've mastered it like I have. Search Engine Optimization ISN'T something you can do once and never touch again.  It's a task you'll have to tackle daily...kind of like Twitter...or brushing your teeth.  (Assuming you brush your teeth?) 

My goal with "SEO Rookie: 21 Days to Double Your Wordpress Traffic" is to help you form habits.  I want to make SEO EASY.  By the end of the course...I want you to say "Wait...THAT'S what I was afraid of?" 

It is so thorough and well designed! Terra Dawn was kind as well by offering up any help that may be needed once you dive into the course!! Thank you!! I’d give 6 stars if I could! 

– Lauren Brown 

Convinced? Jump straight to the course! 

“Love it! This helped so much and with tiny changes we are already seeing more traffic! Thanks Terra!” – Terri Knight 

The Knight Butcher

What's In the Course? 21 days of immediately actionable SEO strategies to help you grow your following, increase your sales, and get on Google's good side.

Section 1 - The Wordpress Platform

     Day 1: Let's Talk About Wordpress

     Day 2: What are SEO & Algorithms and Why Are they Important?

     Day 3: Key words, key phrases, and How to Find Them

     Day 4: The Top 10 Plugins Yours Site Should Not Be Without

Section 2 - That Textual Feeling

     Day 5: What Your URL's Are Telling the Search Engines

     Day 6: 30 Ways to Title a Post That Will Increase Traffic

     Day 7: What Are Meta Titles and Why Are They Mega Important?

     Day 8: Page Text - What to Say, How Much & How Often

     Day 9: Formatting Your Text...Writing For a Fourth Grader

Section 3 - Behind the Scenes

     Day 10: Branding With Imagery & Letting Your Images Speak

     Day 11: Inbound links & How To Featured On Other Blogs

     Day 12: Outbound links...Share the Love, Gain the Wealth

     Day 13: Internal Linking...Give Yourself A Great Big Bear Hug

     Day 14: Need For Speed...Get Your Site to Load In Under 3 Seconds

Section 4: Post...posting

     Day 15: Navigating Your Google Analytics Dashboard

     Day 16: What To Do Before and After You Hit Publish On Your Post

     Day 17: Repin, Retweet, Repeat...

     Day 18: If It Aint Broke...Don't Fix It! But yeah...let's fix it.

Section 5: Tell the World!

     Day 19: Comments...Give 'Em To Me Baby (Uh, huh...Uh, huh.)

     Day 20: Brand Aaaaaaall the Things!

     Day 21: Black Hattery & Other Shenanigans

Section 5: Bonuses

     Bonus #1: How I automate 75% of my business.

     Bonus #2: SEO weekly and monthly audit worksheets

     Bonus #3: Google Analytics Glossary

     Bonus #4: Before and After You Hit Publish Checklist

     Bonus #5: Creating a Download Cheat Sheet

The Platform:

The course platform breaks down each section into manageable content, helping you keep track of where you left off at the end of the day.  The videos and PDF's are embedded (AND downloadable) and accessible on ANY device! Each area has a comment area at the bottom of the page, so that you can participate in SEO conversations and ask me anything you need to.  

About the Author:

Hellooooo!!  I am Queen of the Dorks, Terra Dawn.  I've been a Dork since birth and owned my own business since...well...12 years ago.  

I opened my photography business right as Search Engine Optimization started becoming "a thing" and quickly cemented my reign on Page 1 of Google. Although I've since left photography behind I have continued to invest my time into SEO and Marketing. 

Since I tend to spend my all of my time building small businesses while marathoning Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek and Myth Busters...Uncork Your Dork seemed like a natural progression to a paycheck. 

To me, SEO is like a puzzle. You do the frame first and the inside last...(all the while jamming pieces together until you can go back and put in the right ones).  

I was born in Texas, raised in Virginia, Schooled in California...and have finally found my home away from from in Seattle, WA with my bichon Johnnie Bean Versace and my boyfriend Josh. 

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SEO Rookie: 21 Days to Double Your Wordpress Traffic



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How long do I have access to the course?

Are there videos? 

Okee dokee, pipe and smokee! You can shoot me an email at !  I'll do my best to answer it as best I can! 


The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

What is the difference between the free course & the paid course? 


You betcha!  Videos are updated once a week and ONLY included in the paid course. 

What if I have another question to ask you? 

There IS a free version of the course with the PDF's delivered day to day over a 21 day time period.  The videos, full access to all 21 days, bonuses and access to the Q/A area are ONLY included in the paid course! 



When does the course start and finish?

What is this FREE community? 


We have a pretty kick-back, chillax group online!!  You can join up and ask the group questions regarding anything from SEO to branding to anything dorky! 

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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