Welcome to the 2018 Beep Boop Boop Beep Summit!! 

I am SUPER excited that you're here!!! Below, you'll find the agenda for the FOUR day (May 11th - May 14th) event all on tools and systems! Each presentation is ONLY live for 24 hours and will turn red once it is not longer accessible.  

Attend live and you'll be able to chat it up with the speakers and them your questions!! 



All times are Seattle Time (PST)

May 11th, 2018

9AM PST - Mike and Erin Kelly - Using Membervault to Powerhouse Your Relationship Marketing

11AM PST - Kate Doster - How to Trello Your Way To Triple The Traffic

1PM PST - Andi Smiles - 5 Ways to Use Quickbooks Online to Automate Your Business Finances

3PM PST - Miranda Nahmias - Using Asana to Organize Literally Everything in Your Business

5PM PST - Sally Miller - Earn recurring income and automate your sign-ups with Amazon

May 12th, 2018

9AM PST - Louise Brogan - How to use ConvertKit to create an email challenge

11AM PST - Sandy Sinden - MeetEdgar, Your Content and Social Media Friend

1PM PST - Hailey Dale from Your Content Empire - Using EverWebinar to Automate Your Email Sign Ups

3PM PST - Dre Beltrami - Using ThriveArchitect to Create Kick Ass and Converting Pages

5PM PST - Terra Dawn - 5 Recurring Revenue Ideas You Can Create With Gumroad Tonight

May 13th, 2018

9AM PST - LaTasha Booth - Small Business Squarespace for Non-Coders

11AM PST - Louise Clark - An Introduction to Designsta - The online design platform for entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives.

1PM PST - Carol Williams - Zoom to Your Heart's Content

3PM PST - Terra Dawn - My Top Tools For Creating a Brand That Stands Out

5PM PST - Sam Bell - The Complete Suite for Creating Your Podcast

May 14th, 2018

9AM PST - Jen Gardiner - Using Messenger Bots to Create a Highly Profitable Email List

11AM PST - Brittany Berger - Zap Happy: How to Use Zapier to Automate the Boring in Your Blog + Biz

1PM PST - Jared DeCamp - Using OneNote to Organize Your Small Business Bits and Pieces

3PM PST - Terra Bohlmann - Create, Sell and Systemize Your Signature Offer Using Dubsado

5PM PST - Michelle Lewis - Every Tool You Need to Create Amazing Business Videos



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What happens if you don't buy before the 16th? 

After midnight on May 16th, if you HAVEN'T purchased access...the summit replay page will go behind a secret door that WON'T open for members until their two month birthday. 

You'll lose access to: 

  • The 24 Hour Quick Path to Profit - An interactive PDF/video lesson to help you launch and profit from your very first recurring revenue stream in less than a day. 
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    The ability to pause or cancel at any time! 

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