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In 2017, we held the first ever Traffic Whoosh Workshop...and BLEW it out of the water!  With speakers like Elna Cain, Elle of Wonderfelle Media, Dre Beltrami, Krista Rae, Caressa Lenae...and 16 OTHERS, the content we were able to provide the attendees was mind blowing.

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The 2018 Airtable Blueprint + Video Training

As an Airtable addict for NEARLY three years, the Airtable platform is PROBABLY one of the most used and USEFUL free tools in my small business arsenal! With this system, you can upload and host everything from text to images to links in GORGEOUS spreadsheets and calendars. 

It keeps every piece of information you use in your business RIGHT at your fingertips and OFF of your desktop.  In the Airtable blueprint and video training, I give you direct access to every spreadsheet layout I use in my own business.  From VA Task lists to Affiliate links to Blog Organization...this all in one training will take DAYS off of your set up process. 


I love Terra, just FYI. She gives an amazing amount of info...actually so much my brain exploded! I really don't know how she does it! And she always helped me when I asked questions throughout my first year.

Michelle Goodman

via a Facebook Group Post


The Airtable Blueprint has been one of the few business investments I've made where I saw results instantly. The more my business grows, the more essential Terra's Blueprint becomes. I just found out I get free updates whenever they're released; can this get any better? THANK YOU!!

Adrienne Luedeking

Fruitfully Alive


Damn girl, you've been busy! Honestly, your passion for what you share is so inspiring. I'm getting the emails for your SEO course, and WOW... I never thought I could be so interested in SEO!! It's straight up people like YOU who motivate me to follow my passions and create the project I've been umming and ahhing over for months! 

Pheobe Meeton

Grow Unstuck