"Blogger's Guide To Traffic" is a membership program specifically to help you find your ideal audience.  From left field, right and center...blogger's are told "this method is the best method" and "you're doing it wrong if you're not doing this."  What they AREN'T telling you, is that everyone's traffic is different! There are perfect platforms for everyone...but those platforms aren't always Pinterest.

So, the "Blogger's Guide To Traffic" membership site is my way of giving you access to a LOT of information you might not be able to afford as a new blogger.  Each month I'll release new content with new traffic building information.  Whether you need a full course, a quick training or an answer in the forum...I've got your back, Jack.


There's over 100 hours of traffic building content inside of the membership site just waiting for you!  Listing everything would take you ages to read through...but below I've listed some of our most popular courses, live trainings, downloads and quick fixes!

Course: Create a Recurring $2k In Monthly Revenue

Ready to create a recurring and dependable monthly revenue?  Have a TON of content just gathering dust on the shelf? In this course, I walk you through the process of creating a monthly subscription to your kick ass content using the Teachable platform.

Course: Challenge to Profit

In the last two years, I've launched six challenges, and have added over 5,000 new members to the Uncork Your Dork newsletter and community! In this course (worth $697), I walk you through creating your first challenge, launching it...and even PROFITING from it!

Course: How to Get 300 Post Shares In Less Than a Week

This training is GREAT for new bloggers just looking to understand and organize where their traffic is coming from.  This quick, 7 module course will walk you through the process of creating content that blows minds…and how to promote your work to a larger audience.

Live Training: Don't Be So Pitchy - With Melissa Moss

Email is SUCH a pain in the butt..and finding the balance between teaching and making sales can test any biz owner's patience. In this live training, I talk about WHY using an "email every day" method works for a lot of bloggers...and a little bit about why it didn't work for me!

Course: Livestream and Loving It

This course was SO much fun to make!!  Livestreaming on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be intimidating! My goal was to take the “scary” out of the process, and set your business livestreams up for success. We tackle tech, writing your talking points, and delivering your speech to a primed audience!

Quick Fix: Creating an Ebook in Canva 

In July of 2017 I launched the "Torpedo Your Traffic" ebook...and within two months had added over 500 new subscribers to my newsletter list.  In this training, I'll quickly show you how you can create your own ebook using the Canva platform!

Course: Get to the Top of Google With Keywords an Keyphrases

Google is a tool we use EVERY DAY in our daily lives…so why isn’t your site optimized to be found in search engines?  This free form of traffic can be one of THE most lucrative methods of getting your posts seen and your name known.  In this course, we go over the methods for finding and using keyphrases that your readers are searching for.

Download: The Torpedo Your Traffic Ebook 

In this simple ebook, I'm giving you guys over 40 unconventional traffic building methods that work with ANY stage of your blogging adventure! If you're sick of hearing "Facebook ads" and "pin it"...this is the ebook for you!

With content added every month, 10+ courses, 15+ quick trainings, 10+ Live Trainings and an entire library of Downloads...you'll never be lacking in traffic growing ideas. 


It starts with a path, friends! When you first sign into your account, based on a few answers you give, you'll get your very own CUSTOM training schedule.

Need traffic to a new blog?  We've got you all set up.

Need traffic quickly?  YEP!!  We have trainings ALL set up for you!

From there, you can click the links to the corresponding trainings, courses, ebooks, worksheets and even forum threads!


Who should be a part of the "Blogger's Guide To Traffic" membership site?

If you want to find and learn how to hook YOUR perfect audience, learn new ways of increasing your online reach, and find a marketing plan in line with the way YOU want to run your business..."The Blogger's Guide To Traffic" is perfect for you.


My name is Terra Dawn and I'm an traffic addict.  For me...starting a blog from scratch and building a tiny empire is as satisfying as peeling the clear plastic cover off a new iphone. *sigh* SO satisfying.

In the last 12 years, I've launched two successful blogs with an income of $5,000 and more a month.  I've been featured in Martha Stewart magazine, The Knot, TLC's Miami Ink (I know!! Right!!  And no...I wasn't getting tattooed).  In the two years since Uncork Your Dork was born, I've ALSO been featured with OptimizePress, Brand It Girl and Femtrepreneur.

Traffic building like a video game. You get to the castle, you beat the boss, you jump on the flag pole...and you head to the next level.  Sometimes those levels take you a night to beat...and sometimes they take you a whole year.

Let me help you beat your boss.

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