The Uncork Your Dork affiliate program is an EASY way for you to pay for your own membership dues...and more!  We want to make this process as easy as possible, so inside of this hub you'll get access to email templates, social media templates (which you can choose to use however you wish), a calendar of events to make promoting easier, an FAQ area, and a full walkthrough of the membership!

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Subscription revenue is ALL about creating recurring revenue, and we are putting our money where our mouth is!!  For every sale you make, you'll get:

a 50% commission for every month your referral remains a member. 

For example...if you refer a member in March...who stays until December, you'll around $20 EVERY SINGLE MONTH for that member.  In December, when they cancel their membership, your payments will stop. 


There are only TWO ways to get the 7-day, $1 trial.  Inside of the Uncork Your Dork Facebook Group...or through YOUR affiliate link.  This is a great way to increase your sales and buyer motivation! 


In this section, you'll find a link to a Google Drive folder with email templates and social media templates!  You know your audience best...but we want to make this as easy as possible! Feel free to alter the social media or email templates (or don't use them at all if they don't fit with your audience and message!) however you see fit! 

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April 26th - 28th - Masterclass: 3 Days to Create Recurring (and Passive) Income

This event is a three day event is SPECIFICALLY for affiliates!!  I'm going to spend three days showing you how you can use and market your affiliate links to  create hundreds of dollars (or more!) in passive, easy income.  We'll talk about marketing techniques, good practice, growth, promos, bonus creation, and more! 

May 24th - 27th - The Subscription Soirée summit

This is one of the BIGGEST events of the year for us!!  Our last two summits have seen around 900 sign ups, and over 50 new members.  The event will be three days with 21 speaker presentations, opt-ins, bonuses and discounts! Members of the Wham! Bam! Business Plan! get access to every summit replay inside of the membership for $39 a month!   

July 8th - 14th - members only 7 Day Challenge: Set up your business for easy, recurring revenue

I LOVE challenges! And this challenge is going to be a GREAT way to get new members into the membership!  We'll be going through planning out your subscription products...and re-purposing those products over and over to create different streams of revenue! Not only will the live event be a blast, but the entire challenge will be available in the membership for replay after it concludes.  This event will ONLY be for active members of the Wham! Bam! Business Plan!  

December 2nd Cyber Monday Bonuses: 

Along with other holidays (to be added to the calendar throughout the year) on Black Friday we will be offering special bonuses to new members! 

Don't be afraid to offer your OWN bonuses to sweeten the pot! 



Have questions about the program, the membership, or being an affiliate?  I've tried to answer them here!  Remember, if I missed something...use the blue button in the bottom right hand corner to ask me! I'd be more than happy to help!!  

What is an affiliate program and how does it work? 

How do I get started?  Is there a good marketing starting point? 

Who can participate? 

When and how will I get paid? 

Do I get the full commission? Is there a fee to be a member? 

How can I see my sales and history? 

Are there any other products I can be an affiliate for?

Who is ThriveCart and why is Uncork Your Dork using their service? 

I'm signed up! Now what? 

How do I create links to the Wham! Bam! Business Plan!?

What is a recurring affiliate program? 

What happens if I cancel my own membership to the Wham! Bam! Business Plan!? 

I need more help! Can I contact you? 


A Membership Walkthrough 

Since you're going to be suggesting folks JOIN the membership, I thought it might be helpful to give you a quick run down of everything that's inside!  I wil update this walkthrough when any big changes are made! 

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